30 Lessons in 30 days

What is the one thing which makes you happy?

I know the one thing which made me happy since my childhood. I felt happy when I learnt something new. I used to go to the library and spend hours in collecting information. I filled books after books with the nuggets I found. I found true joy in that.

One way for me to stay happy everyday is not by going in search of learning new things but by acknowledging that I have learnt something new. With the information explosion, I will definitely be learning something new daily. But how often do I look at it with my eyes? Very rare, I say!
That was the reason why I started a tracker where I make a note of what I learned that day. And this tracker definitely opened my eyes wide and I see the reality clearly and as it is now.

What have I learnt?

The spectrum of lessons I learnt with this exercise ranges from personal lessons to professional lessons.

Sep 5
Trust matters a lot. You can buy blessings with 5rs.

Sep 4
Don’t take bullshit without verifying
Be so good that people will write good things about you without you having to tell what you have done

Sep 3
Tailor your classes to the needs of the weakest students.

Sept 2
When you really want answers for your questions, they come to you.

Be careful about what you talk where.

Sept 1
Don’t sleep out of boredom.

Aug 31
It is very important to be yourself by letting away the inhibitions.

29 Aug
When you truly work for something, success does not really give happiness.

28 Aug
Work on what you promise.
Live upto expectations.
It is not that tough to look into mirror and smile.

27 Aug
Thank people.
Make a personal relation.
Relaxing has great benefits.
A good hot water bath can be super relaxing at times.

26 August
Sometimes all you need to do is dare.

It is not the reality which causes the pain it is the fear of reality.

25 Aug
There is lot of fun in decoration.

24 Aug
A few things work wonderfully. You just need to start using them.

21 Aug
It is important to make your presence felt in a meeting.
You should not reveal others secrets and make them feel embarrassed.

23 Aug
People don’t understand what you speak unless they have experienced it

20 Aug
However strong you are mentally, you will need someone when you are sick

17 Aug
Bad experiences can haunt you long after you have forgotten them too

16 Aug
Before you play a game, set rules for it

15 Aug
Don’t be short tempered when you talk for the first time to someone.First impressions matter the most
Don’t derive your self worth from your assets

19 Aug
With every fame, there will be someone to defame you

14 Aug
Always look at the bigger picture

13 Aug
Talking in RJ voice has its own advantages.

12 Aug
Don’t let others change your mood in an instant

10 Aug
Whatever your age is, act responsible


If you hurt someone, it’s your responsibility to make them feel good too

7 Aug
If you are really interested, ideas will start coming by themselves.

8 Aug
Don’t reject anything blindly. Don’t accept anything blindly.

4 Aug
Keep learning. You never know from where creativity can stem.

6 Aug
Don’t blame others for your mistakes

5 Aug
If you want to grow in your business, care for the people whom you provide the service.
Futile practice will take you nowhere. Only understanding why you are not able to improve will take you to places.

Take responsibility for your family.

Aim high. Do whatever it takes for you to reach there.

3 Aug
Everything is related. Excel in one area and apply knowledge to other areas.

2 Aug
Keep reviewing and practicing, one day you will get it.

1 Aug
Visualization techniques are so powerful .

When you want something, they keep coming to you.
31 July
Find small things in the other person and appreciate them

Show excitement in your voice when you meet someone you know

Discover what makes you happy and keep doing it daily.
If it is lessons tracker, write down the lessons you learnt.

Happy learning!

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