2019 Oct Review and Nov goals

October was a busy month with two festivals, two important birthdays and an eventful trip. The best part of the month was to spend on buying a new lens for wildlife photography which is a huge progress in my photography journey.
Here is how October passed by.

Review of October

It was difficult to maintain a gratitude journal. To make it a habit, I started writing the header of my daily journal with what I am grateful about. This was an easy way to make it a habit.
2.Yoga and meditation
I started attending more yoga classes which helped me to get in tune with my body. It helped me feel more flexible. Even though I had done weights, cardio in the past, learning new yoga poses made me feel that I am growing to learn my body better.
I had a 21 day streak in meditation. I lost it as I was not able to accommodate time for it during my vacation. But this is one of the best achievements of my life.
I sort of failed in this. You can’t turn out to become mindful all of a sudden. It needs to be started as one small mindful habit each month. I just started being mindful whenever I could which will not help in sustaining it for a long time.
The best part of every month is how I make time to read books in spite of my hectic schedule. I read His needs her needs, Making marriage simple, Getting the love you want. I picked up I will teach you to be rich but I felt it was not meant for the Indian audience. The only good point I picked up from it was conscious spending. Getting rich is not about accumulating a lot of money but spending on what really matters for you. Another interesting book which I am reading now is Shoe Dog. It is quite inspirational.

Plans for November

1.Study for Exams
It is exam season again and it is high time I start studying. There are 48  chapters on whole. If I can complete 2 chapters a day and 12 chapters a week, I will be able to do the first level of studying before the exams.
2.Mindful eating and drinking
The way to mindfulness is to start small. I can’t stay in the present all of the day. If I assign a time to it, let’s say eating and drinking, I will be able to make at least one mindful habit.
3.Pranayamam and Kriya
Breathing exercises have magical effects on your body and sleep. I want to get back to doing this every morning just for 10 minutes – 5 minutes of Alternate nostril breathing and 5 minutes of Kapalbathi. 
How was your October? What are your plans for November?
Happy November!

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