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Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy People

Author: Thomas C Corley


The author did not mention anything new which you would not have read in any other articles or books on self-help previously. He just tried to make the book interesting by writing case studies of an insurance salesman, a secretary, a car dealer and an accountant. He mentioned 10 habits of the rich, but he has not gone into details of how to make the habits work for you. Also, some of the habits are overlapping. If you are already aware of habit formation and the basics required to be successful in life, this book acts as a revision or checklist to see where you stand. Instead, if you are at the bottom of your life, where you need a few situations where you can relate yourself to the characters in that situation, then this book is for you. Don’t expect this book to change your life in just one reading. You might have to do further research on how to deal with the obstacles you face while practising these habits and also to learn how to make these habits in the first place.


1. I will form good daily habits and follow them daily:

Successful people have more good habits and less bad habits. For every bad habit they have, they write down the opposite of that habit which makes it a good habit. If you are a binge eater, make a habit of eating mindfully.

2. I will set goals for each day, for each month, for each year and for the long term. I will focus on my goals each and every day:

Successful people don’t float in the air but pursue their goals diligently. They have daily to-do lists. They break down their monthly goals into tasks. They envision their long- term goals.

3. I will engage in self-improvement every day:

Successful people read about their industry. They set aside some time each day for their development.

4. I will devote part of each and every day in caring for my health:

Successful people are mindful about the food they eat and have an exercise regimen.

5.I will devote each and every day to forming lifelong relationships:

Successful people know the importance of networking. They return to phone calls immediately. They go out of their way to meet people, but they avoid toxic people.

6.I will live each and every day in a state of moderation:

Successful people live in moderation. They eat, drink and spend moderately. They don’t let emotions affect them too much.

7. I will accomplish my daily tasks each and every day. I will adopt a “do it now” mindset:

Successful people do not procrastinate as they are aware that it leads to poor quality of service.

8. I will engage in rich thinking every day:

Successful people have a well-balanced mind. They have complete control over their emotions. They spend time on positive affirmations.

9.I will save ten percent of my gross income every paycheck:

Successful people set aside some money for savings before paying any other bills.they monitor their retirement plans regularly.

10.I will control my thoughts and emotions each and every day:

Successful people have emotional mastery. They follow the policy of “think, evaluate and react” when faced a difficult situation.

Which of these rich habits do you have? Let me know in the comment section.
Happy making rich habits!

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