2019 Aug Review and Sept Goals

The month just flew. I was sick for most of the time and it is high time I take proper care of my health. The best thing about this month is I practiced meditation every day for a week. I hope there comes a day when I can proudly say that I meditated every day of the month.

August Review

1.Spanish on Duolingo
This is the highlight of this month. I have spent varying amounts of time on it from 3 minutes a day to 55 minutes a day. I finished 34 levels this month and each level has 5 lessons in it. I effectively mastered 170 lessons this month, averaging it to 6 lessons a day. At this pace, I should be finishing Spanish in 6 more months.
2.MA Psychology second year
One thing which I was struggling for a year now, I got a start for it by finding the study center. Also, since the subject is too easy in textbooks, I downloaded reference books for the same. I could finish only one chapter.
3.An idea a day
To be honest, I wrote them for only 11 days of the month. But on the days I wrote, I had more than one idea.
4.What you focus on, expands
I don’t know how far I could succeed in it. But I can definitely see some positive changes in my life.
This month I read ‘Find your why’, ‘The subtle art of not giving a f*ck’ and ‘The 24* 7 Marriage’. Only the first one was worth reading for the application of the concept while the other two were repetition of known concepts using stories. I published a detailed review of ‘Find your way’ and ‘The subtle art of not giving a f*ck’.
Apart from that I released the hard copy of my first book but it is only available in the US as of now.  If you are in any other part of the world, you can try out the kindle copy for now.

September Goals

1.Start with why
I tried this sometime in the past too but looks like I could not really make it a habit then. If you fix your why, a lot of pain in life is avoidable. I want to focus on this for this month, to constantly connect to my inner self.
I wrote 24 ideas last month in the 11 days I wrote. For the next 24 days, I will write whether the idea is feasible or not. If yes, what is the smallest thing I need to do to get started and the realistic timelines it needs. After testing the waters, if I don’t feel so passionate about it, it is okay to leave it.
I previously did this exercise, since I lost where I have those entries, I will rework on it this month again. Write down at least one idea on which I can do a psychology project. If you have any suggestions, please drop a note in the comment section.
It is difficult to be full time working, finding time for passions and then do a correspondence course. So whatever little time I get, I need to write assignments. If I target one subject a month, I should be able to finish it by November.
4.Make my bed
The new fad on the internet is make your bed the first thing in the morning. When so many people say that it works, why not try it once and see what it makes me feel like.
That is all for September.
How was your August? What are your plans for September?
Happy September!

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