5 Ways to deal with negative emotions

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Sarah and John were involved in a heated argument. Sarah could not control her anger. She hit her phone on the ground. John reacted to it. He hit the lamp on the ground.

Who is at loss now?

Both of them. They have a broken phone and a broken lamp. And glass pieces on the ground which needs to be cleaned to not hurt themselves.
And most importantly broken hearts. The relationship needs a band aid now.

It is even worse when they cut their wrists or attempt suicide.

All this happens just because they don’t know how to channel their emotions.

You might not be like them. But you would have felt anger too. You must have felt depressed too.

What can you do when you feel negative?

1) Take a deep breath:

This works really well for me. But it needs a little practise and consciousness to get to this state. For which you have to keep reminding yourself that this option exists!

2) Label your emotion:

Most of the times we drown in negative emotions because we don’t know what we feel. Once we label the emotion we feel, a different part of brain activates and the focus moves there making you forget the emotion.

3) Channel it:

a) Art:

My uncle shouted at my 6-year old cousin because of her mischief. She got angry and locked herself up in a room. My uncle was worried what she was doing inside. But after a few minutes, she came out with a drawing which depicted her crying while her parents were screaming. It also had a picture of her sister laughing at her. I was amazed looking at it. There was a lot to learn on how to deal with negativity from her.

b) Words:

I write poems when I feel injustice or sad. I give words to my feelings. My heart instantly feels light. I did not know that I could write poems until I did this.

c) Exercise:
It releases endorphin which is a feel good hormone. Simple pushups or squats will also do. You can hit the gym too. Or else just keep walking till you feel tired.

d) Laugh:

Best way to deal with negativity. If people are around you, it might look stupid. But if there is none, nothing can beat this.

4) Pursue Flow:

When I am upset, I try to do something where I get involved totally. Nothing can disturb me when I am in that state of mind. It gives me peace and work satisfaction. The negative emotion vanishes automatically.

5) Write a journal:

I write what I feel. The text comes out in an incoherent way. When I read it after a few days, I realise that there is no flow for the sentences. There are way too many spelling mistakes. But all my emotions are captured. The heat is on the paper. I understand what makes me act stupid. And it saves me from looking stupid in front of others because of the negativity.

How do you deal with negative emotions? Let us know it in the comments section.

Happy getting rid of negativity!

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