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“I hate him for dumping me. I will hurt him as much as I can.”
“How can she sleep before I return home? I will not let her sleep the entire night”
“I should have picked the call when my grandfather called me. He would not have died if I had picked up the call on time.”
“John has not been inviting me to parties since past few months. But we are still thick friends.”
After a sad incident in life, many go into the self-loathing mode. They can’t accept reality. They can’t accept themselves. They just want to run away from everything.
Well, how is it so easy for some people to move on and for some others difficult? What do happy people do differently?

Accept yourself: 

“My life is in a mess”. Okay, your life is in a mess. Accept that. You can’t improve if you don’t accept your current situation. Accept your weakness. Accept your desires. Let things flow. You are only running away from reality by ignoring your life.

Take responsibility for your actions: 

Mistakes happened. Feel accountable for whatever mistakes happened because of you. Take responsibility for your mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Fix them. Make necessary changes so that they are not repeated again.

Past is past: 

Whatever happened has happened. Past can’t be changed. People who died can’t come back to live. Lost relations might be difficult to fix. Opportunity once lost might not come again. Do whatever you can today instead of brooding over the past.


As soon as you wake up each morning, appreciate the good things about you and your life. This helps you start the day on a good note to notice more positives than negatives.

Do something good: 

Try to help someone for whom you are not responsible. You can help an old person cross the road. Or you can sponsor one month of education for an orphan. It may or may not involve money. But just make sure you make someone happy daily in the however small way it can be.

Replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts: 

Every time a negative thought comes to your mind, try to replace it with a positive one. Make a list of positive things about you and the good deeds you have done so far. Now when the negative thought or self-blaming happens, refer to the notes and repeat the good deeds you have done. You are not that bad after all.

Life is tough initially. But only our thoughts can make it simpler. Change your thoughts. Change your mind.

Excuse yourself. Love yourself.

Happy loving self!

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