6 Reasons you should practice being Silent

F1:”Nina has been talking non-stop for the past 2 hours. She is the life of the party.”
F2: “I wish I were like that.”
It is great to be able to pick up conversation with anyone.

But being silent has its own advantages.

1.You can listen to your true calling:
I write the best on the days I am silent. There is no happiness. There is no sadness. It is just the stability of the mind. I speak things which I never knew that I knew them before. It feels as if someone else entered me. I will have the best possible behavior.
2.You get to notice the minute behaviours of others:
When your mind is silent, you will become more aware of your surroundings. You will start noticing the minute things. May be something like how their eyes look when they smile.
3.You will be able to appreciate nature better
On a few days, all that makes me feel happy is the wind blowing on my face. If your mind is preoccupied with other thoughts, you will never be able to appreciate the small things which give you happiness.
4.You will start noticing your own emotions
When you are silent, you will understand your natural reactions. You will start looking at those emotions as an outsider. It helps you better in improving yourself.
5.You will understand others intentions
Only when your mind is not clouded with emotions, you will be able to understand others true intentions. When a person tells you something, he might have a hidden motive behind it. You will understand how the words are placed to trap you. Even if that is not the case, if you are reading a motivating piece of article, and want to write one on your own, you will notice the structure better.
6.You will stop taking the bullshit others throw on you
You can’t let the other person hurt you when you are silent. Because you are looking at them as an outsider. They don’t affect you even a bit. It feels like they are hitting a shield which you built around you and reflecting back to the person.

How to be silent:

Meditation is a time when you close your eyes and control your thoughts. Doing the same with eyes open and being conscious of your thoughts makes you self aware. You need to observe the thoughts which come to your mind. Restrain letting them out if they are out of extreme emotions.
Speaking out of happiness or sadness will have bad effects. Many relations can be saved just by controlling what you speak out of the extreme emotion.
You will start noticing the amount of positive energy it brings into your life. You will stop craving for highness. You will appreciate the beauty of being silent.

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