May be you are ignoring this!

Sometimes in life you need not develop any good habits or do some life changing activities. You have to do something really small. But most of the times, you will not be aware of it. Or you don’t acknowledge it. Or you are so used to the suffering that you will not be willing to let go off it.
I come across many questions like
“ How can I change my life in one day?”
“How can i change my life in one week?”
“How can I change my life in 30 days?”
I used to always think that what magic pill are they expecting. But doing this one change will definitely make your life more productive, happier and positive.
Cut off people. Ruthlessly.
When I was in school, my mom used to not let me hangout with a few friends. I never had the maturity then to differentiate between the right friends and the wrong ones. Thanks Mom for that! I would not have been in this stage today if I spent time with those friends.
So who comes under the list?

Cut off people who

1.Make you feel you have no control over your decisions
My friend tells me when and how I should go home. She tells me who I should talk and who i should not. She acts protective. But in reality she wants to have a control over my life.
2.Force you into peer pressure
You are expected to behave in a certain way when you are a part of that group. Whatever is expected from you might be bad for you too. The moment you realise that you are forced into things, move out.
3.Expect to change your life style to suit theirs
Your friends eat only at expensive restaurants and you can’t afford them but they still force you, stay away. Your friend sleeps only at 3 and you are an early sleeper but they force you into it, cut them off.
4.Make you feel miserable about the way you are
They remind you everyday what sort of a loser you are. They talk low about you all the time. The only thing they can see in you are your negative traits. Cut them off. I am sure you are worthy enough to surround yourself with better humans.
5.Only put you down
They wait with thousand eyes for a chance to insult you. Then insult you a little more. Then even more till you break down unable to bear it anymore.
6.Exploit you
They act all nice and cheesy. They talk as if they exist only to help you. But their real intent is to exploit you. Extract all the free time you have. Then slowly your money. After that is also done, your sweat and blood too. After you die, your bones too.
7.Push you into suicidal thoughts
Ditch that person right now, if they ever told you, your life was useless. You deserve to live. You have the capacity and ability to make big in life. Never ever let such people even come close to you.
8.Dump their negativity on you
“I hate X. X is so bad.”
“I have not seen a meaner person than Y.”
“My husband does not do this. He does not care for me at all.”
Their stories never end. Everyday they have something to feel negative about. If you don’t teach them a lesson, then who else will?
9.Make you look at life in a negative way
“World is a bad place.”
“So many accidents happen daily”
“Look, another rape incident again”
World is a bad place. But you can choose to look at the positive side of life instead of feeling upset early in the morning.
10.Suck happiness out of your life
You: “Look what I have achieved.”
OP: “ I am entangled in so many problems”
He is envious of your success. When he has not achieved anything, he doesn’t want you to bask in your glory. Cut him off.
11.Hang on to you for their needs
Remember that acquaintance who never even smiled when you crossed paths. If he suddenly makes friends with you and tell you are the best friend he ever had, don’t even accept the friendship in first place. Run. Run fast. He is going to use you for his needs. You will feel obliged to serve him. And you will end up being his servant!


You need to accept people as they are. All of us have some negative traits. But if they are affecting your life. That is when you should cut them off. So that you will have time and peace of mind in working on yourself.
Happy cutting off people!

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