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Course Review: Improve Self-Confidence

Course Name: Self-confidence:  40 minute self-confidence and self-esteem
Website: Udemy


  • Handling the fear of rejection
  • Confident Body Language
  • Negative self-talk
  • Daily social interactions
  • Practice gratitude
  • Openness
  • Why I am great list


This is my fourth course. Lately, I have been feeling a little low on my self-esteem and was doing some research on it. That was how I came across this course. I just wanted to do this course to see if there were some new things to learn and the course was for just 40 minutes. It was easy to finish it and remember the points mentioned.


I spent 40 minutes on this course hoping to learn something new and exciting which I have not come across any time before. Sadly, there was nothing of that sort mentioned. The points mentioned were similar to what I read in different books and articles. A few of the things he mentioned in the course were the things I was already following naturally or were the things which I wanted to do for a long time but I have not made a plan for them.
But if you are a person who has no idea on how to deal with self-confidence issues, the course is great and offers a few points which can be implemented too.


Everybody has fears. Everyone faces rejections. But how we deal with rejections is what changes our self-esteem.
Fear of rejection:
Rejection has got nothing to do with us. We need to understand this before we understand others. It can be because of the situation or because of the opposite person. You can read more about rejection in this article.
Confident Body language:
One important point the speaker mentions in this course is how we carry ourselves sends signals to our brain. So we need to stand straight and not slouch so that we send the right signals to our brain. Closing our hands would mean that, we are being defensive. While shaking hands with a new person, give a straight handshake. If your hand is above or below the other person’s hand, you are either being dominant or submissive.
Negative Self-talk:
The speaker says that we have to change our thoughts as soon as we catch ourselves doing the negative self-talk. Almost all the articles and books I have read say the same. But implementation of this is not so easy. I have been struggling with this for quite so
me time now. If I can find a solution for this, I will write an article on this in future.
Daily Social Interactions:
The speaker gives us a challenge that we need to talk to talk to at least 3 strangers every day. Just by starting with a ‘hi’ initially and slowly increasing it to talking about our personal lives. I find this exercise difficult. I find it challenging to find strangers in the first place. But once I find someone, since I am already good at making friends with strangers, it wasn’t much of use to me.
Practice gratitude:
I have been practicing gratitude irregularly, hence could not reap any benefits from it yet. But the speaker talks about the feel of positive energy which one gets through practicing gratitude. But he has not mentioned about how to get to that state. Hence, I did not find it useful.
Being vulnerable to others makes us improve our confidence. The same point was mentioned by Dushka Zapata in one of her answers on Quora. I was pretty much impressed with her explanation. I buy this idea totally now as I hear its usefulness once again. But there will be certain limitations to this method which have not been mentioned clearly in this course.
Why I am great list:
I had been planning on creating a similar list for quite some time now. One good thing which came out of this course is I finally penned down a few things in my list. I hope even you make your list. One problem which I have been facing since years is when I am low, I don’t really look at the list. Even if I do, I criticize the entire list negatively. The way to infuse positive energy looking at the list has not been clearly mentioned.
If you are a novice, looking forward to learning the basics, go ahead and do the course. Share your learnings in the comment section.
Happy learning!

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