Course Review

Course Review: Mental Math Tricks to become a human calculator

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Lesson 1. Introduction to Mental Math 
Lesson 2. LR Addition & Subtraction 
Lesson 3. LR Multiplication
Lesson 4. Basic Multiplication 
Lesson 5. Squaring 
Lesson 6 & 7. Advanced Multiplication 
Lesson 8. UT Method 
Lesson 9. FP Division 
Lesson 10. DS Checking 

Why I chose this course?

I have been doing mental math for a few years now. I have learnt things the hard way. I wanted to see what the short cut techniques look like. And the course does not take a lot of time too. Hence I went for it.

My take on the course:

The course starts with the easiest mental math trick for you to gain the momentum. Then slowly, the difficulty level rises. It has been structured perfectly so that you don’t feel like giving up in between. It had a few tricks which I was not even aware of and were highly helpful. Each concept was explained with a lot of examples and the examples covered all the possible challenges. There are also enough practice exercises for you to master them after learning each concept.

How to take this course?

Don’t finish it in one sitting

     You can’t become a math genius overnight. Go for one concept at a time. Take a shot at the quizzes and practice the worksheet. Apply them in real life from that moment. Once you are comfortable with that, hopefully in a day or two, move to the next one.

      Use a timer for practice:

     When you are practicing the concepts you can take your own sweet time. Once you are comfortable with it, time your practice sessions. Beat your own records. That is the way to master it.

 Actively apply what you learn

     If you just learn it and plan to use it in your exam directly, you are at a loss. You will not be able to recollect even a single trick. You need to start using it in simple calculations of daily life. So that it becomes a part of your life and comes to you naturally in the exam.

 Stop using calculator

     Sell your calculator the day you buy this course. No point in taking this course, if you still want to use calculator. Push yourself to do the calculations the way it is taught in the course and then see the magic.
You can share your experiences with mental maths in the comments section.

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Happy becoming a calculator!

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