2019 Week 5 Goals

Week 4 was getting back to routines week. When it comes to habits, even if you can’t keep up with everything, one sure shot way to measure if you will succeed or not is how soon you get back to it.

Review of Week 4

I finished a 27 day streak. Even though I wasn’t able to keep up with anything else, I made sure that I was spending two minutes on learning Spanish daily.
Since I love photography or rather since it is my current obsession, even though I was tired, I continued with the next course in the series of the photography. I used my commute time for doing the next course in Creative Writing.
The photography course helped me understand the techniques I was already using. The craft of character helped me understand what makes a story beautiful.
Since I was quite stressed out at work, I needed a book where I don’t have to use my mind but can relax. Hence I started reading ‘A man called Ove’. I discovered how the principles I learnt in the craft of character were being applied here. It made me make a new goal for the next week which is active reading.
I discovered a jogging track with lake close to my house. I went for a jog after really long time. It not only made me feel good that I got back to exercising but also helped me click a few wonderful photos.

Plans for Week 5

I will start writing my diary daily. One easy way to connect with self is writing diary. I haven’t been writing it regularly these days which makes me incomplete.
Just move my body daily. The form or intensity or the time doesn’t matter.
I will continue with the Principles of photography course.
I will write one answer on Quora daily. This is one of the best ways for me to get back into the habit of writing again.
That is all for this week. What are your goals for this week?
Happy week 5 !

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