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12 signs that you are wasting your life

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It is just one life so just enjoy it.
If you are really enjoying it in creating productive stuff, then good for you. But most of the time people confuse enjoying to whiling away time. They think gossiping all day or watching TV all the day is enjoyment. 
Why not say it is just one life make most of it?
Why do I have to work hard when I am anyway going to die some day?
Even the people who gave away a lot for the world knew that they are going to die someday. Why did they work hard?
I have only been failing all my life. What point in trying?
Did all the people who succeed, succeeded in the first attempt?
There are many more such excuses which people give when people are wasting away their life. Identify today if you have any of the below behaviors and then fix them.

1.You spend 100% of the time in planning

Ideally, you should spend 80% of the time in planning and 20% in executing.
But how do I know that I reached the 80% of planning?
If you want to write a book, if you are only deciding what to write on for more than 30 hours you have reached the 100% planning. Instead, if you had written in every hour of thinking, the topic you wanted to write on, and the titles of chapters and subtitles in chapters, even if you had taken 30 hours to still decide the book, it just comes under the 80% time in planning.
Start planning efficiently today to stop losing out time in life.

2.You have more than one addiction and consider it as a birth right to enjoy them

Smoking is not cool. Just because you can’t give it up, don’t term it as something which you should definitely enjoy. Accept the facts today before your addiction eats you up. Wake up from the slumber and give up your addictions. You will find life more beautiful than it ever appeared before.

3.You have grown in weight and nothing else over the years

When was the last time you made an attempt to learn something new? Is your intellectual level same as what it was last year?
It is time you start reading books, watching courses, try something new. Choose anything out there but just learn something.

4.You binge eat

It is not just you. Every person out there is stressed. You control stress by binge eating. And the most successful guy you know about deals with it by exercising and meditation.

5.You have long forgotten your childhood dreams

Remember that guy who wanted to be a pilot. Remember that guy who thought painting is just sufficient to keep him happy. What happened to him? You silenced him. You threatened him. You asked him to be an adult and forget the dreams. Allow him to come out now. Let him live his dreams. Where there is a will, there is a way. You can definitely make time for your dreams.

6.Your day is not complete without gossiping

It is one of the worst habits anyone can ever have. Yet you do it all the time and feel restless if you don’t. Read here why gossiping deteriorates your life. Get rid of it today and use that time productively.

7.You feel envy

Your life doesn’t improve by feeling envy. It only improves when you take action towards your dreams. Start pursuing flow activities today and become an inspiration for others.

8.You indulge in negativity

You spend way too much time in self-loathing. Negative self-talk is sufficient to pull you down in life. Change that today. Tie a rubber band to your wrist. Next time you catch yourself in the negative self-talk, pull the band and leave.

9.You don’t fix your problems

You spend too much time in complaining. Even if you fix, you fix them with Fevicol instead of fixing the bolts.

10.You only think about what others did not do for you

You want to be paid well, you want to be loved, you want respect, everyone wants them all. What is that you are giving the world back?

11.You constantly apologize for no mistake of yours

You need to apologize when there is a mistake of yours. And the apology should be clear and the mistake should not be repeated again. But if you just keep apologizing even if there is no mistake of yours, it shows that you don’t love yourself enough. Stop doing that do and give a proper apology letter if you made a genuine mistake.

12.You never went out of your city

You need not go on a world tour. Even if you just
go on a low-cost budget tour to a place in the outskirts of the city, it still counts. Even if that is not possible, go to the museum or must visit place in your city where you have not been to before. Anything different from routine will do. But go for that change and explore life beyond your four walls.
Happy realization and improving yourself!

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