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Book Review – How to walk

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Thich Nhat Hanh books give me a sense of peace just by reading. That was the only selling point of this book for me. I picked this book for understanding how to adopt mindful walking into my life. But the book did not have any real tips. 


The book has a similar structure of ‘how to sit’. It is an easy read but reading it in one go defeats the purpose of the book. The best way to read this book is to read only one chapter a day to remind or motivate yourself to walk mindful daily. The book has a few anecdotes which get stuck in your head and push you to adopt mindful walking.



  • The first thing to do is lift your foot. Breathe in. Put your foot down, first your heel then your toes. Then breathe out.
  • When we return to our breathing, we return to the present which is our home.
  • Every time we take a step, we appreciate the solid earth underneath us
  • When we walk with others, the collective energy of mindfulness we generate is very powerful
  • Make a contract with staircase and walk mindfully whenever you walk on those stairs


  • Most of us walk without any chains, yet we aren’t free


Happy Walking!


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