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Book Review: Big Magic

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Do you believe in magic?
Not the magician’s tricks. Real magic?
I believe.

If you read this book and can relate to the story line, you will also start believing in marriage.

Don’t read this book if you are looking for a step by step solution to improve creativity. But read it to appreciate creativity for its sake. Even though it is a non-fiction book, you will not doze off anywhere. The first half of it feels unputdownable. But as you go inside it becomes boring a little. Overall, it is an interesting and entertaining read.

Some of the topics which she touched in the book are amazing. Even though she wrote a book on creativity, if you read between the lines, there are a lot of gems. I felt impressed from the first few pages itself. The only thing the author had consistently till she was 15 was fear. And guess why she stopped feeling afraid after that? She was just tired of being afraid. I found that amazing. You don’t need a motivation book, you don’t need a therapy, you don’t need a support. All you need is to get bored with being that.

In another chapter, she talks about how an idea comes to you and gets into a contract with you. I don’t know if the story she has written about an idea is true, but that brought a big smile to my face. Oh! Ideas are living beings which leave you if you ignore them. That is what I feel when my ideas share the same contracts with others or do with me the same contracts as they did with others. Mr/ Ms. Idea, “I don’t want to share you with anyone ok! You are mine. You are going to sign a contract only with me and not with anyone else. I want to own you, abuse you, ignore you and then glorify you.” This is what I am going to tell Idea when it comes to me.  

As you read further, you come across another interesting concept on going on a date with an idea. Did you ever think of an idea as your date? She does. She dresses up well and flirts with the idea so that she can start writing. Here, she indirectly conveys that being clean and neat increases your productivity and focus levels.

In later chapters, she removes the misconceptions on creativity which a lot of people hold. A lot of top writers also held misconceptions and her view helped them get over the myths.

Overall, it was a great read. I fell in love with her style of writing and downloaded other books written by her.

Action points

  • Daring greatly by brene brown
  • Do something creative daily

The concepts mentioned in the book apply to all forms of art and not just writing.

Happy being creative!

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