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Book Review – Super Attractor

I picked up this book last September to learn about a few techniques to understand manifestation better. But I could not read more than 2 chapters back then. As they say, everything will happen when the right time comes, without the other books I read in between, I would not have been able to read this without skepticism. 


Did this book help me in manifesting better?


Even though I am yet to follow the principles in this book, the one thing I really liked about the examples in this book were they were real. She wrote about the everyday frustrations she felt even though she is already a spiritual coach. It made me feel more human and told me that it is okay to feel frustrated at times and lose faith but what matters more is resilience and coming back to faith. 


Key Learnings


  • Hard life experiences are spiritual assignments for growth and healing
  • If you are trying to control things which are beyond your control, you are trying too hard and that repels from it to happen
  • Your thoughts are the messages you send to Universe
  • For every issue you face, you have a choice. You either let it dictate you or learn a lesson from it
  • If you dwell in lack and fear, you are pushing away things you desire. Just by feeling better, you are aligning yourself with the Universe
  • Whenever you face a problem, choose surrender as the first option. Use prayer to express your concern
  • Ego and spirit are always in a conflict. Ego doesn’t let you feel good. It comes from a place of lack and fear.
  • When you make feeling good a priority, everything else will flow automatically
  • If you are happy for a reason, that reason can cease to exist tomorrow. Decide to feel good just for the sake of it
  • Envy brings down your vibration and reduces your chances of attracting what you desire
  • Raise your vibration from grief to anger and from anger to desire then passion. This shift makes a huge difference to ask for something from the place of hopelessness to from a place of joy
  • When you ask for something, is it because you want to validate your feelings or for the greater good? This decides whether you receive what you are asking for
  • Make appreciation a habit. If possible write 5 pages of appreciation every morning or night. This helps you stay positive and attract more.


Favourite lines


  • “I forgive my past, I release the future and I honor how I feel in the present”
  • “Many of us don’t realize the feeling bad is a decision we have made.”
  • “Don’t blame others for their resistance. They are merely reflecting back to you any lingering resistance of your own.”
  • “Showing up for your dream takes guts and it can bring up a lot of fear”
  • “Fear of not having enough and fear of not being enough are both major blocks to our Super Attractor power”
  • “You do not attract what you want, you attract what you are”
  • “ In prayer, you ask for guidance and in meditation you listen”


Should you read this book?


If you are new to manifesting, this book gives you a good idea on the basic concepts but you might not be ready to trust that this works. If you are an expert in manifesting, you might get bored of repetition of the same concept throughout the book. It is a good book for someone who has not covered a lot of ground and needs a reminder to stay positive and choose faith over fear.


Happy becoming a super attractor!

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