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Book Review- The Secret

Author: Rhonda Byrne
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The past two months had been crazy for me. I had been trying out various ways to reduce the stress. Then I decided that the best way is to start dealing with my thoughts. I am aware of the power of sending messages to sub-conscious mind. I use that power to wake up in the morning. I want to make use of the same power to bring positivity into my life and get rid of stress forever.
The affirmations I was doing were not helping me in any way. My angel friend asked me to read ‘The Secret’ to learn about the right way to do affirmations.
I started off the book with high hopes that it will change my life drastically. But all the author asks is to think positive. I have previously attracted a lot of things which I deeply wished for. I can only comment on the authenticity of the book after I attract them again now. To stay positive, I kept a reminder in my phone for Morning, afternoon, evening and night. I close my eyes, smile broadly and repeat these affirmations. Whenever I feel negative, I force a smile on my face and try to look at the positive side of the situation. I had been writing my gratitude journal for more number of times than I used to previously.



  • The dreams you have for your life exist in a parallel world. By emitting a signal of the frequency of your dream, you bring that into reality
  • When you have good thoughts you feel positive emotions like joy, excitement. The more you feel this way, the more positivity you attract into life
  • Process
    • Step 1: The ask
      • From the catalogue of Universe wish for what you want
    • Step 2: The believe
      • Have faith that what you asked for is already yours
    • Step 3: The receive
      • Feel what it is like. To receive your order, all you have to do is feel good


The doubts of mine which the book answered

Will I ruin my life if I think negatively?
The power of a good thought is 100 times the power of a negative thought
What if I wish for what is not right for me?
There is a time delay between what you wish for and what you get
How do I know if I am thinking good thoughts?
Emotions are a result of our thoughts. In case you are not sure what you are thinking, ask yourself how you are feeling. That answers the question about the depth of your thoughts.
What do I do when I am spiralling down the negativity pillar?
Trigger the warning button and command it to change frequency
How to start with the positive thoughts?
Close your eyes. Focus on the feelings inside and smile.
How long will it take?
It takes the time for you to align your thoughts and be sure to reach the frequency of your dream
Will it take longer time to attract bigger things?
When you are considering something as big, you are not believing that you can get it. In that case, you can start small and slowly increase it.
Is there enough for all I ask for?
You can’t attract all you want if you have scarcity mentality. There is enough for everyone in the Universe.
How to deal with doubts?
Send that thought away. Tell yourself that you know that you are receiving the order
What to do about the events which did not go the way you want?
Replay them in the way you wish they could have happened

Best Practices


  • Let the first and last thought of the day be good ones
  • Practise meditation to gain control over your thoughts
  • Make a list of secret shifters which can change your mood immediately
  • Create your day in advance. Imagine what you want your day to look like
  • Practise gratitude. If you are not happy with what you already have, you will not get into the frequency of receiving bigger things in life
  • Visual motor rehearsal -By visualizing what you want, you are practising it in real
  • Cultivate abundant mentality
  • Make affirmations a daily practise


Mistakes to avoid


  • Don’t contradict your own thoughts
  • Don’t wish bad for others. Those thoughts will attract negativity into your life



“Whatever you sow, you reap! Your thoughts are seeds, and the harvest you reap will depend on the seeds you plant.”
“You create your own universe as you go along.”

Summary in a sentence

Be happy. Think positive. You manifest all you wish.

Do I believe in the secret?

I believe that I am more creative and productive when I am happy. The happier I am, the better progress I make. The more progress I make, the closer I am to the reality of my dreams.
Happy attracting your dreams!

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