2018 Week 11 Challenge

Week 10 was at extremes. First half of week 10 was beyond what I could handle. The second half was fun. Through affirmations and positive thinking, I could meet a friend who I wished I met. I could make time to hangout with another friend and watch a movie too.

Review of Week 10

1.Book of the week: Ask and it is given
This book conveys more or less the same concept of The Secret. I just needed one more dose to stay positive.
2.Course of the week: Introduction to Psychology
I just did a bit of this course.
3.Habit of the Week: No complaining
I failed in this. I need to try it once again.
4.Talk to one new person a day
Ask and it is given is true. I wished to speak to a stranger daily. After I finished my quota for the day, a stranger wanted to talk with me.
I could not make time for this. Instead, I used that time for singing which helped me to destress.

Challenges for Week 10

1.Book of the week: The Power of your Sub-conscious mind
I read this book in my college days. I want to read it again as a part of learning affirmations better.
2.Course of the week: Introduction to Psychology
I need to finish off this course this week.
3.Habit of the Week: Thank you note
Last week, I sent a thank you note to a friend who was celebrating her birthday. I am sure she beamed with happiness when I wrote all the wonderful memories we shared. This week I want to write a thank you note to a different friend each day. It helps me feel grateful to have such wonderful friends and I will also be making their day.
4.Write book
It had been almost 6 months that I had been planning to write regularly for my book. This week, I will write 500 words a day for it.
Apart from the above, I will continue talking to strangers, no complain, dance, psychology assignments and affirmations.
That is all for the next week.
How was your week 10? What are your plans for week 11? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 11!

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  1. week 10 was not so good for me as I was not consistent for the targets as set for the week.This week I am gonna :
    1)continue my book power of subconscious mind as previous week I didn’t read regularly on daily basis.
    2)I am make time for affirmation daily.(this week I am gonna affirm about eating healthy)
    3)solving 1 data structure problem a day and some time(20 min) for aptitude(this will improve my programming abilities)
    4)As i shift from windows to linux so to get compatible with new operating system I am gonna watch 10 minutes video daily regarding linux.
    5)To distress myself I am gonna dance becoz while dancing we forget most of our tension and enjoy the moment.

    1. Amazing Simer! Sometimes all we need to do is let go off the previous week and set reachable goals for the next week!

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