2018 Week 10 Challenge

Week 9 was fun. Thought tracker is one of the best experiments I did. I was on a book marathon. The most awesome part was I felt I found a new set of friends to have ultimate load of joy.

Review of Week 9

1.Book of the week: The hidden tools of comedy

Sadly, I was not able to focus on the book even this week. But I read one book a day in the last few days – The secret, 5 love languages, As the man thinketh. Each book was packed with so much wisdom that I feel that I grew wiser in just 4 days.

2.Course of the week: Think again

I made a bit of progress but I was too consumed in my book reading spree that I did not finish it. At the same time, since the audio volume of Development psychology course was decent, I did that course during my commute time.

3.Habit of the Week: Decision Tracker

Instead of decision tracker, it became a thought tracker. I jotted down my thoughts as and when they came and at the end of the day, I wrote what my reaction should be and what are the action points I have for each thought. It was an amazing experience. It felt like I was living a new day every day.

4.No whatsapp

This again was a wonderful exercise. I realised that without whatsapp my life was much better. I was not endlessly checking for notifications or some random forward messages in random groups. Instead I used this time to read books and noting down my thoughts. It was amazing. But I had to get back to it to refer to important information. I will go away from it once again to enjoy my true freedom.

Challenges for Week 10

1.Book of the week:

I am not confining myself to one book. If I can find time, I will crunch in as many books as possible from my reading list for the month.

2.Course of the week: Introduction to Psychology

I did a part of this course before but I never finished it then. Now is the time to start it from first again  and finish it off.

3.Habit of the Week: No complaining

I reduced complaining to others significantly. But the chatter in my head still continues. This week is dedicated to eliminate that repeated stories which keep running in my head throughout the day. It gives me time and space to work on more interesting projects.

4.Talk to one new person a day

Last year, I spoke to 100 strangers. A few of them are my close friends today. It feels like I have forgotten what it is like to approach a stranger and talk to them. This week, I want to relive the experience again.
Dancing is a way to become a step closer to authentic self. Also it will help me to lose weight.

Apart from the above, I will continue with my psychology assignments and affirmations.

That is all for the next week.

How was your week 9? What are your plans for week 10? Let us know in the comments section.

Happy Week 10!

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