2018 February Review & March Goals

At the end of February, I already feel that a lot of time has passed. While some of the things went wonderfully well over the last two months, there are a few things which need deliberate efforts to make them work. I would like to dedicate March to keep rolling the things which went well and find new ways to get the work done.

February Review:

1.Reading books:
I haven’t perfected the art of selecting the book yet. I spent a week in preparing for my psychology exams. The other weeks I read Why Zebras don’t get ulcers, The hidden tools of comedy, the secret, the five love languages.
I finished Influence people and on the verge of finishing Think and reason 1. Both of them are great courses.
I did not have a great exercise routine this month either. Even though I had a few great days where I totally enjoyed my morning run, there were days when I did not get up from bed at all. I want to be healthier so that I don’t take sick day off.
4.Behavioral changes:
As a part of diverse types of trackers, I did free writing, sleep tracker and sick day tracker. Free writing helped me a lot to let go off my stress. It was calming and assuring. Sleep tracker gave me insights into what keeps me awake at night. I could not sleep well on 8 of 28 days this month. It is so unlike of me but I will work on reducing the stress levels to go back to my sound sleep days.
I reached a peak of socializing that I felt the need for a break. I attracted wonderful friends and memories in this process but I am a person who needs a break in between to get into it again.
I did not build any piece of art completely. But I did them in bits and pieces. Art requires some effort from my end. Instead, I chose to sing for a week which was an absolute bliss. It made me forget stress and brought me alive.
The downside of this was I was not able to do yoga after coming back from running in the initial few days.

Plans for March:

1.Reading books:
Even though I realised this very late in life, we are the product of our thoughts. This month is dedicated to read books on how to think in a way to attract what I want in life. After the first level research, I found a few books –
As the man thinketh
Thoughts are things
Think and grow rich
The power of your sub conscious mind
Be rich – The science of getting what you want
The Master Key system
Ask and it is given
The science of getting rich
The power of intention
Wealth beyond Reason.
All the above are rated above 4 on good reads. It is a start. Even if I don’t master the art of affirmations, I will at least half way be there. I might become a more optimistic person than I am today.
Body weights are wonderful way to lose weight. Apart from planks and push-ups, I will include squats. The last time I tried squats, I hurt my knees. This time I will do them more carefully.
In the month of Feb, I took a huge gap from writing. I need to start writing about the various experiments I did in the past two months and what I can learn from them. I have a long list of books and courses for which I need to write reviews too.
As I am preparing for psychology exams, I want to do courses related to that so that my basics are taken care of. These are the courses which I found so far –

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Descriptive Research Methods in Psychology
  • Experimental Research Methods in Psychology
  • Introduction to Psychology as a Science 2


  • Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Introduction to Developmental Psychology
  • Introduction to Social Research Methods

I need to submit my assignments this month. I need to spend one and half hour daily on them.
Time division for this month:

This leaves me hardly any time left for new activities. But sometimes it is okay to focus on what is the hour of the need than introduce novelty in life.
How was your February? What are your plans for March?
Happy March!

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  1. Hey!From the last months i had started reading your blogs and it had a great imapct.i too have started maikng goals and from this week i want to do courses to improve myself .could u pls suggest me some
    happy holi!

    1. Hi Lakshay,
      I am happy for the progress you are making. To start with, you can try a life of happiness and fulfillment course on coursera. Let me know if there is a specific area of development you are looking at so that I can suggest accordingly.

  2. My last 2 months didn’t went the way i expect but not that bad I read 2 books(as I didn’t have the habit of reading but i spend minimum 30 min or 20 min on reading) and I was also regular for running(i get up 6:30 am daily).But I still waste lot of my time online surfing useless videos and on Facebook, whatsapp etc as i download the rescue-time to see how much I spend time online I have been 92 hours online in month of feb and most of the time(ie 46%) was on youtube and productive time was less.
    This month I am gonna :
    1)Not to waste time online(surfing useless videos):for that I am gonna used stayfocused app and no online after 10 pm.
    2)I am continue my book power of subconscious mind and read minimum 5-10 pages daily.
    3)As my project deadline is coming i am gonna spend time on that.
    4)I am exercising regularly but this month I am going to watch my diet and eat healthy food.
    sorry for my english I am gonna work on that also(soon).

    1. Amazing Simer, I feel so happy for the progress you have been making. You will reach great heights. All the best!

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