Most important life lesson learnt in June [June Month Review]

If you are from India, June is the month you would have hated as a child. But if you have children, June is the month you love the most. Yes, June is the ‘back to school’ month.

Neither am I the child anymore nor do I have children. But June reminded me of my childhood memories as my cousins visited me and I also went to visit them. This month has more to do with happiness than with my goals. All my resolutions went down the drain on the days I was on vacation. But still, I learned a lot.

Review of June goals:

Exercise routine: 

My knee was not ready for full-fledged exercises yet. Just added a new yoga pose and increased the push-ups count to 30.


Even though my eyes were closing, I spent 5 minutes on this every night before retiring to bed. This reduced my stress levels and helped me have a better sleep. My friend also found it useful to deal with stress. She has been carrying a book around and doing it when she is in office too.


This is one area where I have failed again. I could not find the time to sit at a place and structure my articles. The habits which I can do on the go are easy. But the ones which require me to open my laptop and do are tough. The aim for July is to fix this.

Lesson learned in June:

People and experiences matter more:

Even though I had to break my routine for a lot of days, it is fun to have an unplanned vacation. It was good to go around the city with no tensions of deadlines and targets in the head. Playing with children brought out the child in me and made me want to go back to my childhood days. I felt deeply nostalgic. My cousins did exactly the same things which my sister and I did as kids. I could relate to everything. 

Kids don’t feel insecure like us. They have complete trust on their parents. They don’t fear anything unless they are told that it is something to be afraid of. They even know where they can ask their parents to spend money and where they should not. And they either enjoy what they do or they say it openly that this is not what they enjoy. They don’t wear masks like us trying to be nice when they don’t want to be. 

Goals for July:

I will be continuing with my old routines. The one thing I am hell-bent on fixing this month is my blogging habit. The only solution I find as of now is to go for a 30-day blogging challenge. The following are a few titles of the articles which I am going to write this month. Follow my blog to get them delivered to your inbox directly.

The following are a few topics on which I plan on writing:


7 Ways to make people love you
How to have a happiness routine


How to be Productive
How to stay focused

How to be mathematically and logically smart
How to be linguistically smart
How to be inter-personally smart
How to be intra-personally smart
How to improve problem-solving skills
4 Habits to give up to become intelligent
5 methods I followed to improve my English vocabulary
Hack your brain today
How to keep mind active and sharp
7 ways to improve your confidence levels
Pranayama – Secret to a healthy lifestyle
Learn how to tap into your introversion
10 Characteristics of successful people
10 Characteristics of people who fail
3 things you are doing wrong every day
How to learn so that it sticks

How was your June? Let us know the lessons you learnt in June in the comment section.

Happy July!

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