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Book Review : Creative Visualization

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Do you believe in God?
Do you believe in a higher power?
Do you believe that universe has infinite energy?

I believe that there is some power. But I don’t have an opinion on how it works.

I have been reading two books and both books mentioned about the power of visualization. Then I asked a friend, who once told about visualization, if it really works. Friend said, “ Whatever success I have had so far in my life is solely through visualization”. Then I thought “Whoa! It worked for so many people. What is wrong in giving it a try?”

I went ahead and googled best books on visualization. Except for this book on creative visualization, rest of the books were graphical visualization books. I quickly got the book and started reading. I made a promise to myself that I will not read it like a novel but go from one step to other by doing exercises. For the first few pages, I did that way. I wrote a list for which I need affirmations. And I wrote an affirmation for each of them. And I started reading affirmations whenever I got free time.

But then I broke my promise. I finished reading the entire book without checking results after each chapter. But now, I have a better picture on visualization. I will implement technique after technique and see which one has a better impact on me. I am eagerly looking forward to writing a post on how visualization helped me become a better person.

The book not only talks about visualization but also on affirmations and meditation. It reaffirmed a few of my assumptions on how the universe works. I know a few ‘doctors’ who heal patients through their prayers. Even though people call it pseudo science, I think that they have a connection with a higher power which will help them heal others. The book also says that we have the power to heal others.

My grandmother writes ‘Ram koti’. It is a book which has boxes where you can write ‘Sri Rama’, the name of a Hindu god, a crore times. Even though I don’t believe that Sri Rama will come and rescue me if I do that, I used to always wonder if I can achieve my dreams by repeatedly writing about them. And this author confirmed that writing affirmations by feeling about them definitely helps.

Did you know that if you do affirmations with a partner you will start liking your partner more? Can you believe that you can make yourself your guide by using a visualization technique?

Even though you don’t believe in any of the above, you should start writing affirmations and start visualizing your dreams. A lot of people achieved theirs through this. So can I and so can you. Why wait till I write about my experience?

Tell yourself now, “ I am awesome. I am healthy and attractive. I am so successful and happy in life.”

There you said your first affirmation. Write many more. Write them specific to you. And keep chanting them like mantras or sing them like songs.

Visualize now that you are following visualization techniques daily.

It might take time to see life changing results for a beginner but it is worth trying!

Happy visualization!

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