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Book Review – Signs – The Secret Language of Universe

I picked up this book to work on my intuition skills. But the book turned out to be a bundle of joy rather than a book to learn about intuition. It was a mind opening book which left me craving for more of such good feeling.


Key learnings from the book


    • After people die ( cross), they reach the other side. Irrespective of how much pain they have gone through on the Earth, they are free of all the pain on the other side
    • Even though they are biased and not always right while on the Earth, they think with totality when they are on the other side
    • There is no revenge and whatever love has been shared on the Earth will only multiply by infinite times when they reach the other side and they want to express this by constantly guiding us.
    • We can look for guidance through the standard ways through which they usually express – numbers, sign posts, billboards, rainbows, butterflies, insects, deers, electric signals, phone texts or blank calls. The other way is to look for things which they deeply loved. If this also doesn’t work, ask for a clear sign which either comes intuitively to you or make it a difficult or unique signal which you don’t necessarily see
    • Once you establish a signal, you can reach out to them whenever you are missing them or have a difficult decision to make
    • If you are mindful, you can notice their presence during your family gatherings
    • This process applies not only for the people who crossed in this life but the connections you have over other life times
    • If you had a miscarriage or a still birth, it is not your fault. That was the contract you had with that soul
    • If you are having a difficulty making a choice on whether to have a child or not, it is okay to not choose to have a child. If you have the child, they will bring in a lot of happiness and healing into your life. If you don’t choose to have it in this life, it will happen in some other life.
    • At the end of the day, whatever signs in you get in whatever situations they are only for guidance. It is your free will whether to go with them or not.
    • Make these decisions from a place of love and not from place of fear
    • Even though they are present to guide you on the right action path, sometimes you will have to go through your problems because that will lead to higher path or it is because of your past life karma
    • If you want to develop this kind of intuition, you should start by cleaning your energy. You can do this by walking in a forest, enjoying moving water like shower or ocean, or meditation. 
    • It is helpful to do a bit of meditation and calming down the thoughts before reaching out to the other side. This also happens naturally while you are in the shower or in a relaxed state.
    • When asking for a manifestation, try to be as specific as possible and mention the date or month. For dates, mention the date and say or sooner and for money, mention the amount and say or more because we should not limit the abundance.


After reading this book, I felt so happy for the people who are dead. It might not be the right thing to say to a person who just lost a dear one, but it is good for the person who left us because he finished his journey on the Earth and is doing well somewhere else. They are constantly watching us and showering us with love by showing signs and letting us know of their presence.


I asked for a sign of crown from a loved one of mine who crossed a decade ago. He sent it to me through a whatsapp emoticon. In retrospection, when I think of the months and years after he passed away, I can recollect all the signs he sent me back then. This is more than a mere coincidence if you choose to believe in this. 


Should you read this book?


Even though in the end, the author explains how this works scientifically and also mentions cases of how doctors and other people who have deep scientific bent of mind experienced this, I suggest that don’t read it with skepticism. You read it only if you can give it a possibility that it exists. If you are trying to validate the science explained in the book, you will not be open enough to receive the signs and feel good about all the stories of the book. 


If you believe in the other side, go read it and fill your heart with joy.


Happy Discovering your Signs!


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