2020 Sep Review & Oct goals

It is the first time since I started this website there has been a huge delay in the monthly post. My website was down for a long time and it took a while to set up things from scratch. Nevertheless I am happy that everything is up and working now.

Review of September

There were two planned activities for September.

  1. Plank

I realised that the amount of time I can hold a plank depends on whether I hold it as the first thing in the morning or do it in between other exercises or at the night. The most effective way was to do it the first thing to have a correct measure of the time. Also, I tried side planks to increase the difficulty level.

2. Record a short video

This was more difficult than what I thought it was. I went blank looking at the camera on the first day. My eyes were rotating in random order. The difficulty level of the habit was high, so I decided to tune it down to clicking a confident selfie first. Then I moved to 5 second videos. Like saying ‘Hi, How are you?’. Then I increased to 10 seconds by adding a few lines about the topics I am passionate about.

It is often said that you get opportunities only when you are prepared to perform. When I started practising this videos, I was asked by the learning and development team of my company to record a video on how to manage stakeholder expectations. I found a stage to showcase what I practised.

Apart from the above, I started my career as a Habits Coach. It has been on the plan since a long time, but it saw the day of light this month. I felt overwhelmed when my clients told me that they discovered so much more about themselves in the last one hour than in their entire life time.

Plan for October

  1. Malasana

As a part of my hip opener exercises, I want to do Malasana daily after the butterfly pose. With the splits training I have been doing since past three months, I can comfortably hold runners lunger for one minute now. This pose will help me ever further to achieve complete splits soon.

2. Self Exploration

I was regular at writing this a few years back. As I keep asking my clients a few questions, I feel it is time for me also to go back and write down how I have grown in the past few years.

How was your September? What are your plans for October?

Happy October!

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