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2018 May review and June goals

May has been one of the most busiest months. When you read it as busy don’t take it as productive. I did nothing as impressive as April to keep the growth going. But the few changes I made were good in their own way.

Review of May

This was the only major goal for the month. Even though I now know the contents of the syllabus, I could not finish it exhaustively.

Plans for June

1.Write exams well
Studying for the exams is one level and writing the exams well is another level. I want to take all the efforts to get it right.
2.Start the second book
Even though most of my time will be gone in preparing for exams, I will make use of the break time to create a sketch for my next book.
3.Read Books
I can read 2 books in 10 days after my exams. I will read books which will be helpful for my research.
4.Research topic
I will jot down a couple of research topics and do literature review to understand if it is worth doing research on.
I will do affirmations for really small things to learn to attract positivity into my life. I will repeat them four times a day to make it more effective.
How was your May? What are your plans for June?
Happy June!

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