2019 Week 11 Challenges

Week 10 was an eventful week. I could do two interesting tasks which I had not planned for.

Review of week 10

1.Connect online
With an intention to up my photography skills, I started contacting photographers who have a lot of followers on Instagram. Unlike the ones in self-improvement niche, photographers don’t know how to really guide. The first one was helpful and suggested me to watch Youtube channels of Manny Ortiz, Thomas Heaton and Peter Mckinon. This gave me inspiration to connect with more. But the second one asked me to like and share his photograph which was sent for a contest without replying to my question. It was sort of a rejection but then it showed me the reality that not everyone will be interested in guiding you. They just want to make use of the opportunity which came their way. They are not pro yet. The third one gave a vague reply asking me to search on google. At this point, I almost lost the interest in reaching out to more. But the fourth one, whose pictures were like expert bird photographers, gave a sound advice when I asked how to click good pictures of birds. He asked me to study the birds before I go click them. That way I can expect their behavior and click my dream pictures. He followed me back and liked the pictures of birds I clicked. It was indeed encouraging. The fifth one sent me a video when I asked him how he clicked the picture. The sixth one had an amazing profile of flowers. I reached out to her to ask how she can click normal flowers in a wonderful perspective. She looked like someone who doesn’t want to share her secrets and asked me “Are you worried?”. But then she went to my profile and liked a few of my pictures. On the seventh day, I contacted a lady wildlife photographer about the challenges she faces but haven’t got a reply yet.
I did a course on Google Ads fundamentals to get some basics on digital marketing.
3.Writing book
I could write only 1000 words for my book but I kept collecting ideas for it.
When I kept repeating to myself that I want to lose weight, I got some practical advise to start off with. Even if I target losing one kg a month, I can lose 10 kgs by the end of this year.
5.Night walk
This was one of the most beautiful starting step for couple goals. It gave us the undivided attention which is impossible in our busy hectic lives.

Plans for week 11

I had written a gratitude journal many times. But not a lot of times I shared it with others. I want to share with my husband how he makes me feel special everyday. I selected a purple memo book with a purple pen for that.
I will do 300 count with skipping rope daily. One minute of jumping burns 10 calories.
3.Zero to One
This book has been on my wish list for a really long time. I borrowed this book for this week. Hence forced to finish it.
How was your week 10? What are your plans for week 11?
Happy week 11!

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