This small exercise will help you discover yourself

How much time do you spend on knowing about your favorite celebrity?
You read and watch every small thing about the celebrity. If I were to ask you a random question about that celebrity, you have the answer ready
What if I ask the same question about you? You will stumble.
Why do you spend so much time on them? Because, you consider them important. And you take some of them as your role models.
What about you? Aren’t you important too? What if someone published an article about you too? If you have to ever give an interview to an editor, you need to be aware of yourself first. Without knowing yourself, how can you explain yourself to others? How often do you know the reason behind how you behave? It sounds as if I am digressing, but there is a connection.
I have been doing a small exercise since the past 30 days. You can start it off as a 30-day challenge but you should continue till you know yourself completely.
I take a topic which can provide me insights about myself each day and write 10 things on that. This idea had been in the pipeline since 2 years but I could start it only last month. I had been postponing this for two years because I did not know where to start and how to keep the chain. So this time, I started off by writing the 10 prompts on which I will write for the next 10 days. This idea was a kick starter. Now on the 12th day, I wrote the second set of prompts. So I didn’t have to break the chain at all.
Now the biggest confusion in your head is what should the prompts be like. Here are a few prompts which I have written:
>How can I add value to others’ lives?
>My fears
>My limiting beliefs
>Core values
>Must have items
>Purpose of my life
>Idea of fun in life
>How to make better use of commute time
>My philosophy on life
>What are the courses I want to do?
>How can I improve my life?
>What makes me happy?
>What will I do if money was not a criterion?
>My ideal home

What happens if you do this?

You will improve as a person
  • You will have a database about yourself
  • You know what you lack which helps you in improving yourself faster
  • You will know how to present yourself when you are with new people
  • You can attract people 
  • You will be more stable in a relationship because you are already clear on your priorities
You will be self-aware
  • Self-awareness reduces the chaos in life
  • Your emotions will be more stable because you are aware of the reasons behind them. Usually, you get angry because you feel injustice when unfair incidents occur. But when you know for what incidents you feel injustice, you can avoid being angry
  • Your life will be under your control. You know what you like and what you don’t. You will not let others hurt you because you are already self- aware.
You will be smarter
  • You will be able to generate 10 points on anything in a very short time. 
  • Your articulation and writing skills will improve

How to do this?

On day 1, you can write about 10 things you want to discover about yourself. On the consequent days, you can expand on this idea.


Where to write?

You can use an Evernoteaccount. Create a notebook exclusively for this and add a new note in it each day.

What to do next?


  • As a follow-up to this exercise, write one thing which summarizes the ten points
  • Reorder your 10 points based on priority
  • Revise the list and add points as and when you realize something new about yourself
  • For new prompts, drill down into the points you have already written. If you have written eating chocolate makes you happy, write the top ten chocolates which make you happy
Comment below what your first few prompts are.
Happy discovering yourself!


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  1. A very thought provoking post. It's so true that most of the times we fail to understand ourselves… What we truly want, what we truly like.

  2. A very thought provoking post. It's so true that most of the times we fail to understand ourselves… What we truly want, what we truly like.

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