2022 March Review and April Goals

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Paulo Coelho


One morning, I randomly asked my friend how I can grow in my side hustle. She suggested that I should do collaboration. Given how there is already a lot going on in my professional life, I didn’t pursue it actively. But the collaboration came in the form of a request from two friends from Quora who thought it is a nice idea for me to talk and write on their platforms. Thank you Ankita and Dhananjay for the opportunity.


Review of March


1.Chakra Meditation Workshop


It is a personal win for me when my students unlock the next life in their spiritual journey. Some of the participants of Chakra Meditation workshop reported how they could feel the energy in their hands and the merging of hot and cold energies. I am sure they are going to reach great depths in their meditation soon.


2.Nakshatras in Astrology


So far, my astrology readings were limited to zodiac signs and houses. But when I discovered Nakshatras, I was mind blown. I couldn’t believe how well all my hobbies can be explained by the placement of planets in Nakshatras. If you would like to get a Astro-psychology reading, you may register here. Note that I don’t do future predictions. You create your future with your efforts. I only help you unlock your fullest potential and help you accept things you can’t change.




I have been reading books by Kala Ambrose and Melanie Barnum on spirituality and psychic abilities. There are some good practical tips and their journey feels so honest.


4.Data Science Preparation


Initially I was so hesitant to spend a major chunk of my time on this but thanks to my friend who brought back my interest in Math.


5.Ayurvedic Rituals


Stay tuned for a series of blog posts on what I have been doing and how you can do the same in your life.



Plans for April


1.Workshops and 1:1 sessions


The upcoming workshop is on Anger Management. You can enquire for more details here


The theme of guided meditation this month is Past Life regression. You can register for the same here.


For April, I am taking in only a few seats for 1:1 sessions and Astro-psychology reading




I didn’t have a real vacation in 2 years now. Excited about going on a good vacation soon.


3.Leg Workout


For the past few years, I have been focusing so much on flexibility that I have ignored leg strengthening for too long. With long hours of working in front of the laptop, I need to include more leg workout. I will make some major changes in my workout schedule to include this.


How was your March? What are your plans for April?


Happy April!


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