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Rising up from the Ashes – 2023 March Review

March was one of the most mixed months in recent times. For a good 10 days, I wasn’t sure what was happening with me. I can’t fall asleep one day and the next day I sleep well. And even after I got back my energy, it kept fluctuating for a long time. I have received way too many SOS calls that made me question “Why was I attracting this into my life when I am already struggling with myself?” Nevertheless, I received a lot of support from my spirit guides. They have cheered me up by sending all kinds of feathers in completely unexpected places. They also sent me messages from a new set of psychics and thereby answered the questions I was struggling to find answers to. I feel so much better as of today given how crazy the month was.


Review of March


The two things which I planned for March didn’t fructify as I was in survival mode. But here are a few other highlights. One of the major themes was a strong deja vu feeling of reliving last year July-Aug. Whatever I planned at that point or whatever I went through then repeated now and they have different endings. 


1.Enrolled in Swimming classes

Drowning is one of my biggest fears. My husband loves water activities and I dread them. When we went to Andaman, my husband wanted me to float in the sea and I drowned for a few seconds and after that I never really went deep into the sea again. On our Sikkim trip, he made me do river rafting and my body felt so shook every time there was a sudden splash of water. This had been such a recurring theme that I decided that I have to overcome this fear no matter what. I bought the swimming suit last August but couldn’t practice regularly. I attended two classes so far and I am finally able to float with the support of kickboard. I see how I am so slow compared to others in my class but I will allow my body to take its own sweet time to adjust to water and also push myself to grow a little each day. When I noticed that Swimming is more of a mind game as it is natural for an object to float on water, I started to use this affirmation “I float effortlessly” and every time I used that, I floated within seconds.


I had a major burnout again in March similar to the one I had in July. One of the major themes I have been pursuing this year was self care and having a burn out showed me how I am not doing it right. After back to back healing sessions in the second half of last year, this year, I took a break to start to listen to my own inner voice. With too many triggers in Feb, I lost track of it and in March I felt lost. I got back to therapy and my therapist said that I have done close to 70% of the healing work and whatever I am feeling now is fatigue which can be easily fixed. That was so much of a relief. The same message came through in channeling readings too which helped me create a neat action plan of how I should not be available to everyone all the time and double down on self care. My husband pitched in quickly and took the responsibility of cooking which freed up so much time for me and helped in faster recovery.


Plans for April


After all the guidance I have gathered from different resources, the next few months would be majorly about preventing another burnout.


1.Boundary setting


I over care for people. Even though I do it out of good intentions and I really want to be of service but I need to stop being that to care for my own wellbeing. I have worked on this through healing sessions last year too but the change has been quite slow. The reason for the same is that when something becomes your identity, undoing could be an entire lifetime process. The current astrological dasha heavily demands that I focus on myself before I extend help. Every time I violate that, I see how I am guided back on to the path by encountering difficult situations. I have jotted down everything I know about boundary setting and then realized that I know everything in theory but I am not ready to practice a few of them. The next few months would be about picking them up one after the other and also take professional help to clear the toxic energy.


How was your March? What are your plans for April?


Happy April!


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