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Navigating the Triggers – 2023 Feb Review

February was all about re-realizing whatever realizations I have not internalized. My tarot cards for February said ‘Triggers’. I thought, “How bad can it get?” But every passing week the triggers were stronger than the previous week. By the end of the month, I feel super exhausted with all that I have been through. While I have processed the major triggers, I can see how I sleep walked through the month with so much of doing and very little time for reflection. Overall, I am in a better place with respect to how I handle life. If only whatever happened this month happened a year ago, I would have taken a lot more time to recover. Healing for me is all about resilience.


Highlights of February




While I did all the predictive stuff the previous month, I wanted to start with the basics again. I want to reflect upon each planet and their placements very deeply and come up with newer insights. I started off with Sun this month. It opened up a lot of new things for me.


2.Self care


I spent 15 minutes each night massaging my feet with sesame oil which I have never done regularly before in my lifetime. I don’t know if it helps in sleeping better but the cracks slowly started to heal. I am glad that I was able to prioritize myself in the smallest way.


3.Sanskrit and Pali


As a part of learning Sanskrit, I attended Vishnu Sahasranamam classes every evening without fail. Even though telugu was one of the main languages I studied, over the years as I started using English everywhere, the basic pronunciation in Telugu went missing. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to get back to learning the basics. The next month would be about learning the meanings.


Pali classes were also simultaneously teaching pronunciation. I will be moving towards learning grammar next month.


Goals for March


February was so much about doing external work that I had very little time for myself and it led to burnout multiple times. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake and make sure that I spend a lot of time with myself.




While I planned for reiki last month, I was not able to do it consistently on myself. This month, I want to make this a top priority item in terms of self care.




My breathing exercises routine went missing for a very long time. I can instantly reduce my stress levels with pranayama. This is another routine which I would like to prioritize.


How was your February? What are your plans for March?


Happy March!


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