Monthly Goals

2022 January Goals

End of 2021 and the start of 2022 is just a milestone on the journey of life. I have documented my journey until this milestone here. I get back to planning the rest of the journey at month level again.


Plans for January




This month I aim to finish reading two classics – Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. The former is a book on the science and right way to practise yoga. The latter is an ancient classic compilation on Astrology.




I am going to spend a significant amount of time learning deep learning concepts of AI/ML thoroughly.




I will be concluding the workshop on Changing Belief System. If you want to join the next batch, you can request for the workshop here.  I am also launching a guided meditation workshop for beginners from 17th -21st Jan, 8:30 AM IST. If you are looking to learn meditation, you can register here.


4.One on One sessions


I have 3 slots open for this month for one on one sessions. If you are looking forward to working on changing your belief system, building habits, and rewiring your subconscious mind, you can schedule a session with me


I also have 3 slots for astrology sessions. You can register for the same here.


5.Physical Fitness


As per the plan for this year, I will be picking up Vrikshasana, Natrajasana, Chakki Chalasana, Butterfly pose as the first set of poses to do for at least 5 minutes. Even if it is not possible to do it at a stretch, I will come back to the pose to practise the stamina of staying in a pose for long.


What are your plans for Jan 2022?


Happy January!


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