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Integrating the parts – 2023 April Review

The downward spiral which started in February finally hit the lowest in the first week of April. It was too much grief to process and for the first time I was able to notice how trauma forms when I pre close the grief without processing completely. One thing which definitely helped me in the process was spending long hours in meditation. Meditation doesn’t solve problems nor does it take away the grief immediately. But it surely gives the clarity and space to look at things from a completely different perspective. That for sure has been uplifting. I noticed that these lessons have been majorly about my codependent nature and once I was able to learn that, a huge burden was removed from my shoulders. 


Review of April


April was about relearning whatever I already knew so that it becomes a much deeper part of me. 


1.Parts work


I use this very often in my guided meditations but this month I have been working with this in my everyday life and it was quite life changing. It helped me understand how the entire Universe exists inside me and helped me up my manifestation game. 




While I thought I already knew whatever I had to know, this month was a huge re-realization of these concepts. When this was combined with parts work, it opened up the next level of awakening for me. I am planning to do a deep workshop on emotions. Let me know if you would like to embark on discovering your emotional map with me.




There are so many things in my life which I don’t appreciate. I sometimes give away my power to people who are not capable of using it for empowerment. Every time I make this mistake I learn my lessons about the light which always existed but I didn’t realize until I experienced the darkness. The special lessons were around worthiness. I didn’t realize my worth until I saw how poor a job people in my profession do.


4.Upcoming workshops


While I have the content prepared for a lot of workshops this year, they are time taking and I am waiting for the right batch to be formed who is ready to absorb the deep content. In the meantime, I am planning to do short sessions which would be eye opening for people who have not started the healing journey and a refresher or filling the gaps session for those who are already on this journey. These would be donation based to be able to cater to all strata of people. Some of the themes planned are ‘When, what and how of healing?’, ‘How to choose a healing modality?’, ‘How does Astrology work?’, ‘What is the right way to use Tarot?’ Drop your questions here.


Plans for May


May is the month of a new beginning after all the storms from the past few months. Here are a few things which I would be working on.


1.Vipassana Meditation


Ever since I got back from retreat, I have not been working on this regularly. When I went for a one day retreat, I re-realized the importance of this. I want to start waking up early regularly to be able to do 2 hours of meditation in the morning. This would be difficult but I want to give it a fair attempt.




Last month, I felt a sense of achievement when I noticed the slow progress I was making when I showed up daily. When nothing else was working out in my life, creating progress by working on something tangible kept my spirits up. This has always been how I survived the difficult times. Currently, I still have a love and hate relationship with swimming. I want to be able to master it to a decent level and get done with it.


How was your April? What are your plans for May?


Happy May!


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