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Slowing down – 2023 Aug Review

August was a very slow month for me. Despite me slowing down, I fell sick for a week in the end because I didn’t slow down enough. I could clearly see how my head was so much lighter after the sick days because I stopped thinking about a lot of things during the sick days. It was very much necessary as I have not taken a vacation in a very long time which would have acted as a reset otherwise.


Review of Aug


1.Defining my services


Unless I complete this process, I can’t get back to showing up as regularly as before. While I have a lot of knowledge to share, my current process is burning me down and it is not sustainable in the long run. My spirit guides are also against me over giving like I have historically done to an extent that I feel emotionally abused. I will have to take some time out to heal from all the mistakes I have done in over giving. 


I also made some good progress in identifying how my clients say that they have one problem but their real problem lies something else. Identifying this mismatch in expectations has helped me be assertive and call out what they want is different from what they need and I can only help with the need initially and once they heal from it, I can focus on their wants.



I have become more organized after a long time of letting myself go for free in terms of my health and other habits. I could see how some habits were easy to squeeze in while for others, I either don’t have time or they need more energy which I currently don’t have. These new habits are helping me with the new self I am becoming.


Plan for rest of 2023


With a repeated message of slowing down from my spirit guides for the last three months, I will be taking some time off from showing up regularly in my side hustle or being strict with myself in the self improvement journey. I have discovered a lot of new things about me from the courses I did and I didn’t get a chance to completely integrate all of my learnings yet. With a full time job, managing my spiritual journey and helping others on the same path has not been easy. I will be focusing more attention on my paid clients as they have already made investments instead of trying to be there for everyone when I have limited bandwidth. 


I will be taking this time off to fill my cup so that I can start serving everyone soon. The next monthly post will likely be in December. In the meantime, I will share some of my learnings on this journey of slowing down when I succeed on the slowing down path.


How was your August? What are your plans for the rest of the year?


Happy rest of 2023!


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