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Diving into the depths – 2023 June Review

June was such a rollercoaster. It started with going to my hometown for family functions, sleeping and eating at odd hours, wearing a mask which was so suffocating that after a point I wasn’t even sure why I was doing that to myself. To get out of that mood, after I got back I indulged myself in deep meditations and just when I thought I attained my bliss, the deep shadow work I was doing for the manifesting love workshop took me down back into the abyss. In a very long time, I saw myself feeling softened this month with the inner work. Learning to stay calm with the shadows and the new vulnerability was such a terrific mix to handle. In the end it was all for the good. It helped me focus on soul aligned business with a long term vision rather than burning out by doing so much all the time.


Review of June


My energy reading for June was all about Scorpio energies. Been into a lot of negative depths to come back into light.


1.Connecting with the Universe

I finished recording all the audio for this course. Preparing this course was one of the best things that I did in 2023 as it gave me glimpses of channeling messages from spirit guides. This is a course dedicated to all the serious aspirants on the spiritual path. The energy that I emit when I am doing this course vs the days when I don’t make time for it is so different. I would like to come out of this shadow phase and get back to meditative bliss.


2.Shadow work

This month shadow work was all about cleaning deeper layers of blockages I had for self love. I regularly go for energy reading sessions to take support on my spiritual journey. The card which came up this month was – “I am on this journey with you throughout your life”. It made me realize how on the spiritual path there is no complete awakening if I want to run away from shadow work. The sooner I accept this, the easier I can accept this phase as much as I accept the meditative phases.



I wrote so much this month that I haven’t written in a very long time. It helped me gain so much clarity about so many different things. 


4.Defining my services

After a lot of overthinking, I moved into mindful journaling where I revisited my vision, my gifts, my mission and came to a conclusion that for now I split my services into three parts. The first part would be regular life coaching, the second part is where I niche down into manifesting loving relationships and the third part is guiding souls who need help on their spiritual journey. A lot of new offers and services are coming up in these. So stay tuned for the same.



For relaxation, I picked up the habit of massaging my face. When you massage your face you drain the lymph nodes from all the stress. It has been a little relaxing to do this. I will slowly learn more massaging techniques.


Plan for July


The theme for July is that of laying foundations by keeping the big picture in mind.


1.Defining my services


This has been an ongoing job in terms of journaling. Even though I have clarity now, embodying the same feels like a time taking process. After taking suggestions from a business coach, researching effective ways to scale a business, I have a lot more work to put in this month until I feel satisfied.


2.Facing my fears


April and May were about swimming to face my fear. Now, I am moving on to cycling to learn to face my fear. Once I learn cycling, I want to move on to riding a two wheeler. This is a basic life skill which I have ignored for a very long time. This is not going to be easy for me,  but worth the try of moving out of my comfort zone.


How was your June? What are your plans for July?


Happy July!


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