2018 Week 18 Challenge

The best part of the week is I finally published my first book. Apart from that, met a friend after a long time. It felt so good meeting her that she made my day.

Review of Week 17

1.Habit of the Week: Poem a day
Even though I am not a great poet, I can weave one out of nothing. Whatever I feel for the day, I converted them into poems. It was fun to just convert my emotions to poems.
2.Write book
It was a crazy week. My book consists of 4 blocks out of which I wrote the first and fourth block only this week. Then I had to edit the entire book twice to make sure that there were no mistakes. It took a lot of time that I finally felt that I was exhausted.
But in the end, I felt it was indeed a feat to pull off the first book in 3 weeks. This gave me a new confidence in life. When I started off the book, I did not even have a skeleton in place. I wrote whatever I wanted to convey. Looking backwards, I connected all the dots. Now it has a story. When you really want to do something, the entire Universe helps you achieve it.

Challenges for Week 18

1.Book of the week: Notes to Myself
Last week, I borrowed a couple of books from a friend who was leaving the city. I need to finish them before we meet again. This book is one of them. I already find it interesting and I felt a few sentences were written exclusively for me.
2.Habit of the Week: Calligraphy
It has been on my wish list for a few years now to learn more about Calligraphy. But now I want to learn the technical details of it. I have not yet gathered my sources. But I can afford to spend 30 minutes on it daily.
3.Study for exams
I have been saying this forever now. But this week, I need to become really serious about it as I have only one month left for it. I am going to spend 30 minutes on it daily.
How was your week 17? What are your plans for week 18? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 18!

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