How to start studying astrology on your own

Astrology is an empirical science and not pure science. It is a metaphysical tool which is heavily loaded with opinions (sometimes biased) rather than facts. You can’t read a book and blindly follow whatever is written there. When I first started studying astrology, I got a book by BV Raman – How to judge a horoscope book to start studying. But then I realised that throughout the book, there are so many negative predictions written. If you have X planet in the 5th house, you won’t have children. If you have Y planet in the 2nd house, you won’t have wealth. That’s not what astrology for me is all about. That’s not what I wanted to be studying. If a very notable astrologer writes books that need a lot of user discretion on what to take and what not to take, imagine the fate of reading what any other astrologer writes.


Now, when someone asks me to suggest resources on studying astrology I feel tongue-tied. I can suggest some reference books but that is not how I learned astrology. When I am still forced to suggest a book even after I explain why I can’t suggest resources, I feel that I am misleading people because I don’t take the words or messages of any astrologer literally.


Astrology for me is about psychology and philosophy. I learn astrology while reading books on psychology and recollecting the charts of my close relations in my head. That’s how I understand the significance of each planetary placement. Without a background of psychology and spirituality, I am just another astrologer out there making decisions on behalf of others. In order to understand the 5-11 axis, I don’t read astrology books. I read books which talk about finding your unique self and how people connect with others. 


Astrology for me has been intuition or channeled information mostly. I noticed that when I read a book on Astrology, I should be knowledgeable enough to know what to reject and what to consume from the book and that comes only after researching heavily. 


Astrology is best studied by understanding the basics. You can refer here on how to create a chart and understand your planetary placements. Once you do that, gather the chart details of all your close relations. Gather at least 10 charts. Now research on the following basics. While you read about them, don’t look for predictions. Understand the basics.


  1. What does each zodiac sign mean? 
  2. What does each of the houses mean?
  3. What does each of the planets mean?
  4. What does each Nakshatra mean?
  5. Which planets look at which other planets?
  6. What does each planet in each nakshatra in each zodiac in each house mean?


Do this exercise for each of the charts you collected. While you do the exercise, don’t say anything negative about any placement. Only think of it in terms of why something is difficult and what can the person do to improve or embrace the energy. Observe this person in real life. Write down all your correlations.

There are enough astrologers out there who scare people that you won’t get married, you won’t have children, your business will be a failure, your life is doomed.

Let us work towards making the world a nicer place to stay by empowering others with our readings.

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Happy studying astrology!


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