5 Common mistakes to avoid while using Divination Tools

Recently, I have realized how my life went full circle from blindly believing in divination advice to calling it superstitious to being skeptical and now understanding the real meaning of it.


Here, I will outline some principles I follow while using divination tools and you can use them based on your discretion.


1.You either believe or don’t believe


Usually my husband dismisses my spiritual experiences as coincidences. When I explained my third eye chakra experiences to my husband, he could not explain them as coincidences. Then, I asked him “What will it take for you to believe that my experiences are for real?” He said ” I never experienced it. So I wont believe it.”


You can’t benefit from a divination tool unless you believe it. A few years ago, I didn’t know how real astrology can be. One of the potential grooms with whom my horoscope matched perfectly wasn’t interested in considering me as a suitable alliance. With my limited experience, I concluded that astrology was a foolish way to shortlist grooms without knowing the complete truth and utility of it.


The key is either you choose to believe it because your gut feeling says so or you have a first hand experience of it or you don’t believe it because you believe in logic and your hard work rather than in some superior force. That is fine too. As not everyone is blessed to make use of divination to progress in life. Hard work and self trust is the only way for a few. Either ways, take a stand. Don’t use a tool with skepticism.


2.Don’t believe blindly


One of my clients mentioned about a friend of hers who blindly believed in an astrologer and stopped working on her startup because she will do well in a job. Astrology is not a 100% future prediction tool. It is a tool to tell you your strengths and weaknesses. If you are passionate about your startup, your astrologer should tell you that you have a weak will power so you will give up on it at the sight of an obstacle. Then you can make a conscious choice to work on that aspect rather than give up on your dream.


3.The alternate destinies


A divination tool doesn’t outlay a fixed path for you. Of course, there are certain events in life which can’t be avoided but your path is not completely pre-written. You still have free will. ‘About Time’ is a good movie to watch to understand the concept of alternate destinies. At any point of time, you have an option to react or respond to life and make a decision. A new life path opens up based on the decision you make. The intensity with which it is different will be based on the intensity with which you are transforming. Especially, if you are going for a Tarot reading, the reading will no longer be valid after you make certain decisions in life. In Astrology, this holds true for the moon especially, because it is the most malleable planet. 


4.It is all about archetypes


Divination tools don’t tell you the exact profession you should get into or the exact situation which may occur. They only talk about the underlying energies. Let’s say the divination tool asks you to become a teacher. You could be a mentor in a corporate office or a teacher in school. It could also be someone who takes classes for their friends on some difficult topics. It could be any form of teaching. So never take or ask for the literal meaning when you go for a reading. Ask for the underlying energy and match it with your own thoughts and desires.

If you need an exact answer, what you are looking for is a psychic who reads your soul.




The best remedy for a divination tool reading is to put in efforts to manifest a positive outcome or learn techniques to overcome a difficult situation. The other remedies only provide you with the energy required as a support and don’t bring about the change themselves.


What are some other mistakes you have seen people commit? Let us know in the comments section!


Note: You can request for a tarot or astrology reading with me to understand the underlying energies of your life.


Happy learning the right ways to use divination tools!


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