Introduction to Chakras

Universe is made up of energy. So are we. While there is energy everywhere, there are some places where the energy channels converge. When the channels of energy converge in the human body, they are called chakras in Sanskrit, meaning the wheels of energy. According to various texts, even though there are hundreds of energy centers, seven chakras are considered major.


How are chakras significant?


Let’s say in your home one of the sinks gets clogged, what happens? You find it annoying that the water gets clogged and it is a space for flies to start breeding. Similarly in the body, when one of the energy centers are blocked, the energy is stagnant, thereby leading to various psychological and physical health issues.


What are the seven chakras?


Root chakra


Also known as Muladhara, located at the base of the spine, it is responsible for feeling grounded and secure in life. Your root chakra is in imbalance if you are dealing with anxiety, overthinking, obesity, lack of abundance, lower back pain issues, etc.


Sacral chakra


Also known as Svadishtana, located three inches below the naval, it is responsible for emotional balance, creativity and sexuality. Your sacral chakra is in imbalance if you are dealing with blocks in creativity, giving and receiving love, health issues related to your reproductive organs, etc.


Solar Plexus chakra


Also known as Manipura, located behind the belly button, it is responsible for willpower, courage and self-esteem. Your solar plexus chakra is in imbalance if you are dealing with lack of confidence and procrastination, digestive issues etc.


Heart Chakra


Also known as Anahata , located in the center of the chest and to the right of the heart, it is responsible for love, compassion and forgiveness. Your heart chakra is in imbalance if you are dealing with difficulty in forgiving, hoarding anger, resentment, grief, etc


Throat Chakra


Also known as Vishuddi, located in the center of the throat, it is responsible for speaking your truth. Your throat chakra is in imbalance if you are dealing with difficulty in expressing yourself, thyroid issues, etc


Third eye Chakra


Also known as Agna, located in between the eyebrows, it is responsible for intuition. Your third eye chakra is in imbalance if you are dealing with difficulty with inner vision, eye sight issues, etc.


Crown Chakra


Also known as Sahasrahara, located at the center of your head, it is responsible for receiving guidance from higher power. Your crown chakra is in imbalance if you are dealing with difficulty in finding purpose, lack of direction in life, etc.


How to balance chakras?


Chakra balancing helps you improve your immunity, mental resilience and emotional balance. For a spiritual aspirant, your chakras should be balanced and clear before you can work on kundalini rising.

Some of the ways in which chakra balancing can be done are


1.Working on Psychological issues associated with each chakra

2.Creating a diet on the chakra you are working on

3.Listening to the musical instrument or beej mantra of the chakra

4.Using herbs or essential oils related to the chakra

5.Doing yoga poses related to the chakra

6.Using color therapy of the chakra

7.Making use of the energy of crystal associated with the chakra

8.Meditating on the chakra


Here is an example of how I planned for balancing my root chakra a few months ago.


My experience with Chakras


While I mix and match the above list, the deepest changes I notice are through meditation. It took me a year to go from imagining a chakra to feeling a chakra. It felt so divine when I noticed vibrations in the body to the sound of the chakra. 


When I cross a major milestone in balancing a chakra, I notice how other areas of my life improve automatically. When my root chakra started improving, I got a raise at work and the sales of my first book started increasing without me marketing for the same. When my third eye chakra improved, my intuition became more accessible without any specific work on it.


If you would like to try out guided meditation on chakras, register here.


Stay Tuned for detailed posts on each of the chakras.


Happy Chakra Balancing!


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