What’s in store for you for 2023?

2022 has been a magical experience for me. When I started doing monthly tarot reading for myself, I was always amazed at how the theme of the month matched with the events and it helped me be more prepared towards what was to come.


Here is a tarot reading for 2023 for all the readers of this article to help you prepare for the upcoming new year.


Unlike usual messages where you see a passage as message, I want you to own up your 2023 by answering these questions which helps you design it in a personal way. The below questions have been framed based on the tarot cards I have pulled for you.


  1. If you knew that everything happens at the right time, how would you lead your life?
  2. If you have to take one step ahead in whatever journey you are in, what action would you take?
  3. If you knew that your path is going to be easy and rewarding, what area of your life would you start working on?
  4. If things don’t go the way you wish them to go, how will you respond to the situation? What will be your backup plan?
  5. How can you work on your communication skills?
  6. How can you start looking at your life, others and the world with a new lens?
  7. How can you include meditation and contemplation into your daily life?
  8. How can you connect more deeply with the divine?
  9. Who do you want to allow into your life from the past?
  10. How can you stop acting like a victim?


Animal Spirit Message – Fox – “Think on your feet”.

Now is the time to start acting fast towards your goals. Keep looking for fox as a sign from the Universe.


Message from the Universe

“Good days are coming. Trust the Universe”


Crystal Spirit Message – Amethyst – “What old habits do you need to let go?”

Work with amethyst crystal for 2023 to gain clarity over your thoughts and to calm down your speeding mind.


Theme of the year- Change

Don’t scare yourself with the next 40 steps. All you need is the one next action. You can say, “Just show me the first step and change me into one who can take it”

You can say the above prayer daily or write it down in your journal daily to make it a part of you.



“True healing occurs when I give myself the permission to feel whatever feelings live below triggers”


If you would like to get individualised messages for 2023 or at a month or a week level, enquire here.


Happy 2023!


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