2021 April Review and May Goals

April was not easy because of the second wave of covid in India. I am grateful to stay safe and I hope you are also staying safe. I don’t want to describe the pain and fear which is already in abundance in our lives. 


April Review


The best thing about April is I started organising workshops. Even though this might not feel like a big deal but it felt like a dream come true. I have been doing one on one coaching since October but I always wanted to make a difference on a larger scale. This is the first step of many more steps of helping others live a better life. The feedback from the workshops is already encouraging. I am excited about all the future workshops.


In my journey of spirituality, in a few books I came across the concept of tarot cards. Even though picking a card is just a probability number, tarot cards are known for matching your energy level to the cards. Most of the books I read in my daily life make me feel like this is what I need to read now. If I had picked that book any earlier or anytime later, I would not have found them useful. I feel the same concept will apply for tarot cards. Instead of blindly believing them to predict the future, I want to use them as a card of encouragement when feeling low or lost. To give them my own touch, I painted the decks of Original Rider Waiter tarot deck, Life purpose deck and Love life deck by Doreen Virtue. A fun fact – when I picked up a card from the life purpose deck and asked a question “Am I ready to start doing workshops?” I got a card showing ‘Speaker’ and explanation of ‘you have a lot of knowledge to share with the world’. I would have gone ahead with the workshop even if I would have got any other card, but that card felt like an encouragement.


The chess moves was a theory I read rather than an active practice to improve my game. I played piano for three days continuously and nothing after that. I haven’t read Bhagavad Gita at all. I was over working on a few days to cope with the pandemic. Then I took 5 days off to do nothing and simply consume content. I felt my routines were all over the place. Hence for May, I have decided that instead of wanting to do everything daily, I will schedule on my calendar each day of the week to an activity so that I can spend some good time with all my hobbies.


May Goals


1.Balance energy


Everyone has two types of energy within them – Masculine energy and feminine energy irrespective of the gender. Over the past few years, I have been obsessing about getting things done which is more of masculine energy than spending time on nurturing which is an aspect of feminine energy. This month, I am going to listen to some binaural beats and create my own guided imagery to balance the energies in my body.


2.Intuition and creativity


Tarot cards are a way to practise your intuition skills. Also, creating stories from their images improves creativity. I am going to spend sometime daily with them to get a hang of it.


3. Nurturing the inner child


I always felt fascinated about how our childhood environment shapes who we are as adults. This month, I will be reading more on overcoming beliefs which start in childhood and become a part of our identity as adults.


4.Weekly schedule


Since I have decided to spend more time with myself and indulge in self-care, here is what I plan on doing every night after dinner if I don’t have pending office work to do.


Monday – Chess

Tuesday – Writing

Wednesday – Read Bhagavad Gita 

Thursday – Piano

Friday – Painting


I set this schedule on my calendar 8pm -9 pm as a reminder on what I want to do each night. From 9pm-10pm, I will read a book, meditate and retire to sleep.


How was your April? What are your plans for May?


Happy May! Stay safe!


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