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I love patterns. My full time job involves looking for patterns in data. My hobby involves looking for light patterns. My passion involves looking for patterns in beliefs. Did you know that 20% of your beliefs create 80% of your reality? Just by changing your beliefs and discharging them emotionally, you can start changing your reality. You attract what you believe in. Whatever you focus on, expands.


You might say, “I believe in success. Why am I not attracting success?” Your belief in success is superficial. It is just a thought by your cognitive mind. But your subconscious mind and unconscious mind have stored all the memories from the past where you failed. When you failed, you didn’t want to face reality. You distracted your mind by binge eating or binge watching or venting out. But the reality got stored away deep inside you. Now when you approach reality or everyday life, even though you want success, the unconscious mind drives the way you behave.


You may ask, “How do I know the difference between unconscious mind and conscious mind?” How many times a day do you like to distract yourself with phone notifications, social media, and eating processed food/binge eating/binge watching? Were there instances in your life which made you ask yourself why I was anxious/angry/sad for no good reason? Do you sometimes feel that your body language doesn’t match your thoughts/emotions? All these are instances of your repressed emotions/unconscious mind taking over you.


Did you know that these repressed emotions can get stored in the body and cause chronic pains like back pain, shoulder, headaches, ankle, knee pain? It’s just not that when you are constantly stressed by your faulty beliefs, all the energy from your body goes into a survival state with little left for self healing. In the long term, you are prone to diabetics, hypertension, dementia or cancer because your body has been using all its energy in keeping the repressed emotions safe inside.


You may ask “Why do repressed emotions get stored in the body instead of emotional form?” Who do you accept better – a depressed person or a person with chronic back pain? That’s the reason why emotions show up as chronic pains. It is easier to deal with body pains than the unbearable emotional pain. But in the longer term, this is not going to help as the body ages far sooner than it is supposed to.


Have you tried the law of attraction for manifestation before and thought it was bogus? I thought the same. But only after discovering repressed emotions, I understood that affirmations don’t work unless you change what you feel deep inside. Because, you are affirming “I am successful” and deep inside you say “When did I even succeed?”


If you are interested in learning more about this topic on how your repressed emotions are taking charge of your life, register for a free workshop where I am going to talk about repressed emotions, how they affect our everyday life and what can you do to change it.

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