4 Ways to get your daily dose of Laughter

My best friend left the company today. I will miss the friend with whom I can laugh hysterically. I am going to miss that laughter. Are you also missing that friend who makes you laugh?

I don’t want to write about the benefits of laughter. Because you already know the endless list of benefits it has. But there are a few benefits which I have experienced and I need laughter to be my best.

Increases my productivity:

On dull days, just a few minutes of laughter can make me finish the work which takes 3 hours in an hour.

Increases my creativity:

When I am happy, I get the ideas which I never got before. I wonder how my creativity levels have increased.

Cheers up other people:

People who sit around me say that my happiness is contagious. If I am happy, they feel inspired from me and stay happy too.

How can you get your daily dose of laughter?

Comic strips:

Reading Calvin and Hobbes makes my day. It might be dilbert for you. If you don’t read anything, you can start with something today. Once one of friends ordered a Calvin and Hobbes book. She said that was the best investment she made on herself.

Videos / Movies:

A few months ago, I was watching a part of movie everyday. I used to laugh really hard at the comedy scenes in the movie. I used to skip the sad parts and just watch the scenes which make me laugh. Happiness was so easy to get.

Even though I hate whatsapp forwards, a few pictures and videos make me laugh a lot.

Hasya asana:

It is a yoga pose where you have to laugh. It sounds weird and might be tough if you have to start at your home. I learned this when I went to yoga class. I found it very difficult to do. But when everyone else laughs, you also learn to do it. And this is a real stress buster. Who does not want to start the day with a good amount of laughter?


This is a tough one. But if you can, try to make a few friends you can laugh with. During my commute, there is a group of friends who laugh everyday throughout the journey. That is amazing. I also have and had friends with whom I can laugh that way. It was a blessing for me. But you can find a friend too with whom you can laugh.

How does laughing help you in your daily life? What are your ways to laugh everyday? Do let us know in the comments section.

Happy laughing daily!

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