8 Myths I realised are false in my twenties

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Twenties are the make or break years of our lives. The more the precautions we take, the better are our lives.

Here are the myths and truths and action you can take.

A) Earning == Unlimited freedom to spend

On the contrary, when you start earning you know the value of money and you know what to spend on and what to not spend on.

Action Point:

Start tracking where you spend money every month. You can use this template for it or download an app from the play store. It gives you an idea of your expenses. You will take better decisions while spending money from the next month.
B) No need to work hard for anything once you get a campus placement

Quarterly, half-yearly and annual appraisals. You need to prove your capability every day. Even after excelling every day, there is no guarantee for your job. They will replace you with someone younger than you who is willing to work on the same for lesser cost.

Action point:

Don’t go for a job. Go for a career. If you are going for a job, it will only pay you this month. But if you choose a career you are planning for the rest of your life. You will be interested to learn. Subscribe to the websites or magazines which will keep you updated about your field. No one likes something which is old. Make yourself new every day.

C) Higher studies == More money == Life settled

The compensation the company promises after higher studies includes the bonus or shares. A 20 lpa does not mean that you get the entire amount in hand. Then there are taxes and education loan. You are expected to show off your MBA degree in your lifestyle. You will end up with the same amount at the end of month as it was before MBA.

Action Point:

Go for higher studies only if you really enjoy studying more. Do cost and benefit analysis.
Why do I want to go for it?
Will I regret the money I spent on it?
Do I really need the degree?
D) Life is fair – Work hard and the results are yours

No life is not fair. The one who studies the most is not the college topper. The one who works sincerely does not get the highest hike. Only the ones who know how the grading system or appraisal system works sees the results. Rest of them just become more knowledgeable.

Action point:

Enjoy the work and not the result. Life being unfair will not hurt you then.
E) Girlfriends/ Boyfriends are our life partners

50% of them break-up right after graduation. 25 % break-up for not being able to convince parents. Only the remaining 25% marry facing all the hardships knowing that there is nothing called as live happily ever after.

Action Point:

It is okay to be in a committed relationship but not at the cost of your career. And before entering into one, know that it needs constant work to live happily.

F) He/She is the most perfect one for me

Perfection is in perspective. It is your choice to make someone perfect or imperfect for you.

Action Point:

Look at his/her positives. Maintain a gratitude journal and write what you are thankful to him/her for. They will automatically become the perfect one for you.

G) Friends are forever

Some of them are and some of them are not. Choose them wisely.

Action Point:

Avoid those friends who gossip about the other friends. They will gossip behind your back too one day.

Be with those who were there with you when you were down and everyone else abandoned you.

H) Success is about marks, degrees and money

Success is about happiness and fulfillment and has got nothing to do with the marks, degrees and money. The richest person can feel suicidal. The poorest person who earns food for 3 times a day can be the happiest.

Action point:

“Did I give my best at what I have done today?” Ask yourself this question everyday.
Happy discovering truth!

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