How to balance 5 elements of nature for a better life

Ayurveda beautifully explains macrocosm microcosm continuum theory. Macrocosm are the elements present in nature and microcosm are the elements present in the body. Macrocosm microcosm continuum theory is all about how nature is reflected inside the human body and just how an imbalance in elements of nature results in havoc, imbalance of elements inside the body leads to three different types of doshas according to Ayurveda.


When we balance these elements in the body, it helps in balancing the doshas and provides us the health and energy to lead a productive and happy life.


According to Ayurveda, the 5 natural elements are Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. 




Ether is the first element according to Astrology. It is the container in which all elements get filled. The empty space after all the 4 elements have been filled up is left to call Ether. It is characterized as subtle, inert and cold. In the body it is the cavities of the ears, mouth, and nose; the air sacs of the lung; the passage of the small and large intestine. Sense organ of Ether is Ear. Psychologically it represents thoughts and growth. 


Too little Ether

  • You might experience cramping


Too much of Ether

  • You might experience symptoms of restlessness and depression


Hacks to Balance Ether

  • Meditate to create some space in your mind
  • Remove a few schedules from your calendar and take a break




Air is the second element. The main difference between ether and air is that air allows for movement. It is characterised as dry, rough, subtle, mobile, clear, cool, and light. Sense organ of Air is Skin. Psychologically, it is the mental clarity. Physically it is the air movement in lungs, guts and between the joints.


Too little air

  • You may experience symptoms of Suffocation


Too much of air

  • Psychologically, you may experience fear, anxiety and insomnia
  • Physically, you may experience abdominal cramping, bloating, variable digestion, and an irritable bowel


Hacks to Balance Air 

  • Give movement to the stagnant projects in life
  • Embrace change
  • Practise breathing exercises



Fire is said to have originated with the friction of ether and air. It is also the transition element between ether, air and water, earth. It is characterised as hot, sharp, dry, non-slimy, and light. Psychologically, Fire is about having that passion to do things. It is responsible for transformation. This transformation provides attention, recognition, and understanding. Inside the body, it is the digestive juices which transform the raw food into energy.


Too little Fire

  • If you are drinking water immediately before, during or immediately after a meal, you might be damping the fire
  • Lack of fire leads to slow and lazy digestion
  • Psychologically, you might find it difficult to find motivation to start new projects. 


Too much of Fire

  • If you are suffering from acidity, it could be because of too much fire in the body
  • Psychologically, you might be feeling burned out on a regular basis. It can also cause frustration, irritability, hot temper, overambition, jealousy, anger, and aggression.


Hacks to Balance Fire

  • To produce right amount of fire in the body for your meal, drink a glass of warm water with the essence of fennel seeds, coriander seeds and cumin seeds before 30 minutes of your meal
  • Start new projects and let them go in a subtle pace instead of letting them burn you down




Water is said to have formed from the liquified fire. Water is all about finding the flow, emotions, pleasure, sensuality, feminine nature. It is characterised as liquid, soft, mobile, cold, heavy, viscous, dull, and dense.Body elements which represent Water are flowing entities like plasma, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, mucus, saliva, reproductive fluids, urine, and sweat. Sense organ related to Water is the tongue which is a source of pleasure. Psychologically, the water element represents creativity and connection.


Too little Water

  • Emotionally, you have a lot of blocked emotions and have difficulty with letting go
  • Physically, you may notice the formation of cysts


Too much of Water

  • Emotionally, you notice a lot of mood swings and have too many addictions
  • Physically, you may notice symptoms of swelling in the ankles or joints; a dull, heavy digestion; excess phlegm or saliva; congested lungs and difficulty breathing; weight gain; and excessive sweating or coldness


Hacks to Balance Water

  • Don’t resist the flow of Universe
  • Surrender more




Earth is grounding, rigidity and stability. It is characterised as heavy, gross, dense, static, dull, and cloudy.Body parts which represent Earth are heavy structures like bones, muscles, nails and teeth. Sense organ related to Earth is the nose and olfactory system. Psychologically, the earth element represents caring and nurturing nature. 


When you have a strong earth element in your body, your bones are broad and dense. You are caring and nurturing. You feel stable, patient and grounded with strong foundations.


Too Little Earth

  • You have difficulty to sit at a place
  • You might be constantly relocating or travelling


Too much of Earth

  • Mentally, you may notice dullness, attachment, greed, and depression
  • Physically, you could be overweight and lazy
  • Materialistically, you could be hoarding a lot of things which creates inertia


Hacks to Balance Earth

  • Walk barefoot on grass 
  • Spend some time gardening
  • Try out aromatherapy by experimenting with different smells
  • Connect with your tribe
  • Eat a healthy amount of root vegetables


Stay tuned for the next set of articles on Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas.


Happy balancing your elements!


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