Astropsychology as a Self Improvement tool

“Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity” – Carl Jung


Astrology as I knew it from my childhood was about horoscope matching before marriage and improving rapport with planets (remedies) during a bad time. Then I grew up thinking that it was superstitious to believe in everyday zodiac readings and depend on an astrologer to tell me what I can achieve in life.


In the past few years, life happened. The life I envisioned for myself and the life I have been living are totally different. I have been doing things which I never thought I would do as a profession (for example teaching meditation). But then I noticed how I was naturally good at it and how I was growing organically. Even though destiny wants me to deep dive into spirituality by being a counselor, meditation teacher, etc. it is still my freewill whether I listen to my heart on what it wants to do or what I will do materialistically and logically to grow in my current full time career to establish a stable future for myself.


As a part of this process of destiny, recently I got completely pulled into Astrology. I knew the basics from a couple of years ago, but only recently, I started reading charts more deeply and started reading for others too in depth. I felt amazed at how even minutest aspects can be deduced from the birth chart and how using the timing works for the best. 


From the non-interested in my friend circle, the first reaction I often receive is ‘I don’t want to know my future’. Even though astrology can be used for prediction, it is not a tool meant for prediction.


Astrology as I see is a tool to deeply know who I am as a person, what influences my value system, what are my key skills, what is the state of my mind, how do I express myself creatively, how do I be of service to others, how do i behave in a legally partnered situations (marriage/business partnership), what are my hidden talents, how does my belief system shape, which career suits me the best, what should i do for income, what causes losses in my life.


These are just a few to name. Also, based on the dasha and transit of planets, it tells you the right time to access your resources. In my case, Ketu Mahadasha has pulled me into spirituality and completely changed who I am as a person. It taught me to surrender to the flow of life. If I had not known of this, I would be pursuing materialistic life by putting more than 12 hours at work which I don’t find meaningful only to feel more frustrated. Alternatively, using some extra time to deepen my meditation practices has blessed me with amazing experiences of a lifetime.


Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional


This quote aptly summarizes what astrology is all about. Astrology is not a resource on which you can blame the unfortunate events of your life. For a person suffering from a chronic disease, this life could be a chance to work on self care which they could not in their previous lives. For a person who got divorced within a year of marriage because of arguments, this life could be about keeping your ego in check and working on partnership. 


Unnecessary suffering results only when you are resisting the natural course of action because of feeling of entitlement or social pressure. Let’s say your birth chart says that this life is about social service and not about married life and you still get married and have children and then cry about why is my married life so bad, you have inflicted this suffering onto yourself. To lessen this suffering, you can spend a significant amount of your time in social service which helps you achieve the state of flow.


When you discover your weakness and accept that as a shortcoming to work on or a major deviation so that you can focus on your strength, it makes life easier.


On the other hand, astrology can also bless you by providing gifts. You may receive sudden gain of money when blessed by Rahu, deep meditation when blessed by Ketu, a lot of romance when blessed by Venus. Life is not just about suffering but also about the beautiful blessings. If you are drowned in your sorrows of weaknesses, you will miss out on the beauty and blessings of your life.


Life Lessons from Astrology

The major lessons and takeaway for me from Astrology are

  • You can’t compare your life with others. Each of us have a different journey on the earth and different lessons to learn. Comparison only leads to unnecessary suffering
  • Play by your strengths and learn lessons from your weaknesses
  • If you are not able to achieve something in your life, it doesn’t mean that you have not worked enough. It can also mean that you can either work harder or choose an area where you can achieve more easily
  • Be grateful for what you have daily
  • Traditional astrological remedies don’t necessarily take away all the problems. But it might help with lessening the intensity. Lesser could be 1x, 10x or 100x times based on where you stand today. Don’t fall in trap for expensive remedies if they don’t make sense to you.
  • True remedies are learning the lessons the planets want to teach us before the lesson becomes harder. For example, if your first relationship is a failure and you jump into the next one without learning your lessons, it only gets harder.


Is Astrology a unique method to discover yourself?


Astrology is not a stand alone field. Whatever can be deciphered from a birth chart, the same can be done with other fields.




During one of the counseling sessions for choosing a career stream, after listening to the entire story of my client, I suggested that he could explore being a social entrepreneur. As a follow up, he asked me for a career stream based on birth chart reading. Both of them pointed to becoming a social entrepreneur.


Tarot cards


An online connection asked me to decipher his birth chart and suggest a suitable field to do well in his career. I suggested that he does well in the education field, when I pulled out Oracle cards for career, the same stream has come up.


Past life regression


When I did past life regression last year, I found the answer for my current life struggles. When I went deeper into my chart this year, I found the same lessons I got to learn in this life.


Overall Astrology is not the only way to decipher life but it is an easier way to get a snapshot of what this life is about in different aspects of life. An initial diagnosis helps in going to therapy with the right set of problems you need to work on to emerge victorious in this life in terms of soul lessons.


If you would like to get a free birth chart reading from me about your birth chart, you may request here. If you wish, you could be a patron for the reading I do for you.


Happy discovering your unique aspects !


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