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Book Review – The Mindful Way Workbook

The Mindfulway workbook is an MBCT ( mindfulness based cognitive therapy). In addition to cognitive therapy, where you are expected to identify the negative chatter which runs through your mind, mindfulness brings awareness that the chatter is happening in this moment. The main aim of mindfulness is to help you identify the ego which is causing the chatter and thereby keeping depression and anxiety at bay.
MBCT has been tested on countless depressed patients and showed tremendous improvement in them. Just because it is a therapy, it is not just for dealing with trauma but a wonderful guide to learn to apply mindfulness in everyday life.
I discovered this book when I was searching for practical ways to lead a mindful life. Once I went through the book, I discovered how I was already doing some of the practices mentioned in the book and how adding a few more to my everyday life can bring tremendous change. Even though they give you more than a doable number of tasks each week, I suggest that you start slow. Pick something small from all you have read. Do it for a week or a month. Once that becomes a part of your identity, pick up the next habit. 
Once I started following what was mentioned in the book, almost for 10 days, I experienced a sort of bliss which never happened to me anytime before. As always, when you try to do a lot of new things, you can’t sustain them for a long time. Now, when I could not keep up with so many new habits, my life went back to normal. Unless you are depressed and need immediate relief, the best way to use the book is pick up one idea at a time.
The key habits mentioned in the book are

  1. Body scan
  2. Bringing awareness to Routines
  3. Mindful eating
  4. Pleasant experiences calendar
  5. Mindfulness of Breathing
  6. 3 Minute breathing space
  7. Unpleasant experiences calendar
  8. Mindful stretching
  9. Sitting Meditation
  10. Mindful walking

Pick Mindful way workbook as the next book on mindfulness if you want some practical tips on mindfulness.
Happy Mindfulness!

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