Family Traditions: Why they matter?

As soon as January comes, it was a bunch of excitement in my school days. On the 31st December night, my dad used to get three different types of potato chips. Then we used to play chits till clock stroke 12 and sleep only after calling all the relatives.

During Pongal, we prepare a special meal and sweets which won’t be prepared during any other time of the year. My mom prepares the sweet so tasty that I don’t like it from any other sweet shop. I absolutely love flying kites with my uncles.

An all India exhibition is held in my city every January. It is my family’s routine to visit that. Irrespective of what we buy or what we don’t buy, we have a mirchi bajji, rose milk and doodh Pedha there.

Today, when January is almost at the end, I miss my childhood. The yearly routines and traditions we celebrated as a family. I went to attend the republic day celebrations today all alone. Even though it was beautiful, nothing can beat the traditions which I shared with my family.

Why should you have family traditions?

1.Strengthens relations

Irrespective of when the festival is and whichever city each of the family member is in, we make it a point to go home. Family tradition forces to make you meet at least this way. It strengthens the already existing bond.

2.Improves well-being

A family tradition gives you positive energy and happiness. It is something you look forward to and totally enjoy. This further contributes to overall well being.

3.Increases sense of belonging

When you repeatedly share the same activity with a group of people, you start feeling more secure around them.

What are some easy family traditions which you can follow?


My mom has a different list of special food items for each festival. We eagerly look forward to every festival just to enjoy the food. In a particular month, every Monday evening we make fruit custard. I look forward for Monday evenings in the Month.

You can also have weekly, monthly or occasional food festivals at home. Even though it sounds like looking forward for food, it is also about looking forward to spending time with family.


For every festival, we click photos in various permutations and combinations. My hard disk is completely filled with the festival name followed by the year in which we clicked them. We are neither expert photographers nor expert posers. We just enjoy clicking photos with the family.


Irrespective of how our family financial conditions are, we go as a family to purchase clothes for Dasara.


Once in two years, we go out on a vacation. Every january, we visit the exhibition. These are the events which we attend. They are not really expensive. You can as well go for a movie or to a museum.


Birthdays become special for the gifts we receive. Apart from birthdays, you can set aside a specific day in the year, to gift too. Who doesn’t like sweet surprises? Gifting also helps in understanding each other better.


We play ludo every sunday afternoon. If it is summer holidays, we play carroms every night in our backyard. You can also set some time aside to play the games your kids enjoy.

What are your family traditions? Which ones do you miss the most? I would love to know. Share it with us in the comments section.

Happy starting family traditions!

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