How to find your true self

Since my childhood, I have been intrigued by the question  “Who are you?”
I didn’t know what I am.
If I said  “I am X who works for Y and stays in Z”, does is it answer the question?
Am I the profession I do? Or just my name?
Or should I identify myself as a daughter of P?
I can be anything. My co-ordinates can be located using multiple points.
But they are what I am externally. So that you can identify who I am.
But who am I internally?

Why should you know your true self?

Every morning you have two choices.
1.Live the life the way it takes you.
2.Build the life you dream
If you want to choose option 2, you need to know what you are, your needs and wants from life. You should know what you truly want and not just what you think you want. You need to a little deeper inside yourself to see what exists there.
That gives you a true freedom and meaning to your life.

How to find your true self?

1.What will you be doing in life if money was not a criteria?
You need money to lead a comfortable life. You might be stuck in a job which does not define you but you still continue because you need it for a living. So forget about money for an instant and think what would you be doing if that is not a criteria.
2.What will you be doing in life if you are not doing for gaining fame or power or love?
Many a times, you do things expecting something in return. If you don’t feel the need for power or fame or love, will you still be doing what you thought you wanted to do for the previous question?
3.Who matter in your life?
“I have 1000 friends on facebook” said X. May be it is an achievement. But then how many of the 1000 matter to you? Is it less than 5? What are your needs from them? What you think you need from them and what you actually need from them?
4.What do you value the most?
What are the principles on which you run your life? Do those principles actually help you in achieve your goals? Or are they circumstantial principles?
These questions might be either too easy or too overwhelming. Whatever it might be, it requires deep thinking from your end.If you are just reading this without working out, you won’t gain anything from this post.You need to do a lot of soul searching and then realise what is that you really want.
Happy discovering your true self!

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