How to deal with depression?

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.

Depression is more common than it is recognized or acknowledged. It is okay to be depressed but it is not okay if you don’t accept that it exists.

Symptoms of depression:

1.You either sleep too much or have difficulty falling asleep

I didn’t want to wake up. I was having a much better time asleep. And that’s really sad. It was almost like a reverse nightmare, like when you wake up from a nightmare you’re so relieved. I woke up into a nightmare.

You cry to sleep in the night. You exhaust the entire songs on your playlist but sleep does not seem to be anywhere near. You just cry a little more.
You have trouble waking up in the morning. Even after you wake up, you don’t get out of the bed at least before an hour.
2.Your eating habits become crazy
You either eat too much or eat too little. Your favourite food feels bland. Or you might become an addict to your favourite food and go mad if it is not within your reach
3.Doing any activity is an impossible task
Putting a pen, which fell off the table, back on the table is an impossible task. If no one else is staying your room, the room becomes a mess. An unclearable one.
4.Studying or working? No way!
Read point No.3
5.You are immersed in sad things
Watch the movie or read the book or listen to the song which resonates with your inexplicable pain for the hundredth time
6.Socialize? I am running into the forest
You don’t want to look at any other face at all. Phone would have died long long ago. If you have forgotten, read point no. 3 again.
If you have ticked more than 4 symptoms, welcome to the league of depression.
I don’t think it is a proud thing to be a part of it.

But what to do now?

1.If you are feeling suicidal, immediately see a counsellor.
2.If it is clinical depression, please see a counsellor as soon as you decide to come out of it
3.If you have a reason for your depression, accept the pain. Grieve if required. But make plans to move on if there is nothing you can do about it. Or ignite your problem solving part of the brain if it is something you can do something about.
4.If you don’t why you are feeling, what you are feeling take help from an expert.
5.But if it is just sadness moving towards depression, read further


1.Do something which you are passionate about
Coding brings me alive. Writing gives words to my feelings. When I do these a part of me feels light.
What makes you feel alive?
It is okay even if you nothing to make you feel alive. Please don’t go into a deeper depression.
2.Keep yourself occupied
Even though it is not good in general, it is okay to start a movie or book marathon under these circumstances. Do whatever it takes. But keep it occupied.
3.Feed yourself with happy thoughts
You are depressed. But there is no rule that depressed people should not try to laugh.
I know I am asking you too much. Once a therapist told my depressed friend “ You are still alive because you have been going for a run daily.”
That is the power of exercise my friend.

What if someone you know is depressed?

1.Why are you depressed?
If they knew, they would not be crying day and night. And if they really have a reason, don’t try to be logical. No it is not about logic. It is about emotion.
2.You should be Strong
Are you saying that they are weak? Teach them how to be strong before they go into depression next time.
3.Depression is for the weak minds
Yeah, they are weak. So what now? Help the weak.
4.It is all in your head
You will understand it when you go into one.
1.Be there
You need not talk anything. Just be there.
2.Show love
Tell them that you love them irrespective of how they are doing now.
3.Bring them the food they love
Even though it is a temporary happiness, it might bring a smile on the depressed face.
4.Take them to a natural environment
A park, beach or whatever is close by. Pull them out of their dingy room.
5.Tell good things
One of my depressed friends used to ask me to tell a joke before I start a conversation.
6.Accompany him to a therapist
If nothing works, let the expert do the job.
We never know who is going through what, as a general practise be nice to people. If you notice depression among your friends or in yourself, take the necessary steps to get out of it as soon as possible.
It is okay to be depressed. There is nothing shameful about it. But it is better to come out of it and live a normal, healthy life.
Happy dealing with depression!

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  1. Pinpointed. I understand the problems in brevity. Summed it up beautifully and objectively without overflowing emotions and clearly with a view to raise awareness. Tough job, well done.
    One point though: it’s lack of life-affirming perspective rather than ‘having a weak mind’. Is there a meaning to ‘weak mind’? Indeed, depression is, AFAIK, not found in single-minded people. Licoln, Churchill were strong characters and yet suffered.

    1. ‘Simple-minded’, not ‘single-minded. Sorry. Auto-correct’s auto-mistake, not mine 🙂

    2. To be frank, I don’t know what people refer to as weak mind. But as far as I understand, they mean that they don’t have the strength to face challenges. I used the exact word ‘weak mind’ because that is what I heard people use. And it needs to be definitely avoided.

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