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Why should you speak up?

Today, in my class I was teaching an easy topic. I told my students to stop me if I was going too fast or if they can’t follow some topic. For the first half an hour, they did not stop me. I once again reminded them that they can feel free to stop me. Then one student asked me to explain in detail. Finally one student spoke up. I felt happy.

What happens when you don’t speak up?

1.People will assume
I would have assumed that everyone in the class was intelligent. They are able to follow easily. I should not waste their time by going in detail. Unless he spoke up, I did not understand that he was not able to do it. Last week, when I was explaining the details, one student spoke up and told me that they already know the details. I will only be able to tailor the class to the students needs only when the speak without any hesitation.
I never tell my mom if the food she cooked goes bad someday. But my friend calls up his mother right at the lunch table to inform his mom that the food that day was not good. His mother now has the feedback and knows what went wrong and what to improve. Or else she would have thought that she was an impeccable cook.
2.People will never be able to understand you
If you hide things, no one can dissect your brain and extract your opinions. If you are uncomfortable about something, you need to speak up and tell what your problem is.

Why people don’t speak up?

Most of them don’t speak up for the fear of being judged. Just think once, how will others opinion about you change what you truly are. You live your life for yourself. Not for others.

What happens when you speak up?

1.It inspires others
When the first student spoke about what he could not follow, it inspired other students to express freely on what they did not understand. When you speak up, you change the culture around you.
2.You will get what you want
In my group of friends, one girl got married very easily while the other is still struggling. When we analysed what went right or wrong, the girl who got married was the one who was sure about what she wanted and got across her point without beating around the bush. When you want something, you need to just ask for it without any hesitation.
3.Helps you connect better
Who do you like to interact with?
You ask a friend which coffee he likes
A: “I like black latte coffee”
B(shyfully) : “I am okay with anything.”
You will go out next time with A because he is more open. You can talk about things freely without having the fear of offending the other person.
4.Makes you more likable
I tend to like people who are open about what they think. I like their individuality.
5.You will be remembered
I remember people who speak out. I remember them as people who speak out their mind.
The head of my account remembers me because I voice out concerns. The last time when I hadn’t spoke up, he was worried if everything was fine with me or not.
That is the power of speaking up.
Why do you not speak up? What happened when you spoke up finally? Share it with us in the comments section.
Happy speaking up!

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