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Who can change your life?

A mentor will guide you in the right way, tracks your progress and gives you the right advice at the right time. He has the potential to change your life.
An accountability partner pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you keep your commitment. He also has the potential to change your life.
Books are man’s best friends. In the absence of the above, they can change your life.
But, inspite of all of them, you might not see any change in your life. Your life only keeps deteriorating. You feel out of control.
Why is that?
You have everything externally available, the one who can take action on it is only ‘YOU’. You are the only one who can take responsibility for your life.
Your mentor can’t do it.
Your accountability partner can’t do it.
Books can’t do it.
Only you can.
“ But I am doing my best already!”. You might think that is the case. But you call as the best and what is actually best might be different. You need to do a reality check if you are actually giving your best.

How many of the below do you do?

1.Expect things to change automatically
You have a problem. You do nothing about it. And you expect things to turn into your favour.
Let us say your house owner asks you to vacate. You don’t have an own house. After the final deadline, you just have to stay on the roads. And you still don’t do anything about it. You expect God to come and show you where to live? Do you expect some friend of you to get a dream and provide you place to stay? None of these is practically possible. Higher chances are you will end up on the road only.
So go accept that change has to be made and make the change. Be responsible for the changes you need to make to your life.
2.Complain vaguely
“ I am sick”
Okay! You are sick. So what now? How will I be able to guide you unless you tell me what your symptoms are?
If you are complaining and just expect to be heard, no one can change your life. Your life will change only when you complain in the right way. Express your problem in detail so that others can guide you for the exact action you can take to see the change in your life.
3.Complain to the wrong person
You don’t go to your beautician and complain in detail about your tooth ache. Only a clear symptoms of your tooth ache expressed to your dentist can alleviate your pain and bring the change you want to see in your life.
4.Complain in the right way and still don’t do anything about it
You get across your pain points to the right people and in the right way. You receive the right advice and know how it can change your life. But you still do nothing. You sit like a log with a clear map in front of your eyes.
How is your life ever going to change then?
It is you alone who can bring the change.
If you are stuck in the bottom most stage, go start climbing the ladder. Get rid of the attitude of the point 1. Learn to speak effectively from point 2. Know the right people from point 3. Finally become the action taker.
You are the only person who can take charge of your life and change it.
What do you think brings the change? Share it with us in the comments section.
Happy seeing the change!

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